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Season 1 | Top 5 Most Downloaded Episodes

Here are the Top 5 Most Downloaded Episodes of all of Season 1. As well as some highlights that we pulled out when listening back to them for episode 100.

01: ep21 2017/7/26 The Shop (Inappropriate Beer Names) – David, Jason, Dylan, Chris, Jeff, Nate

  • First interview with them, maybe first appearance of rapid round (not called that)
  • David Wanted to be a Dentist
  • David (Kilt Lifter), Jason (Killians/Two Hearted/Dale’s Pale), Dylan (Old Chub/Dale’s Pale)
  • We talk about “brewing beer the hard way” slogan from AB
  • AB 6 points from the High End
  • We get real deep into AB and their buyouts and how they work
  • Dylan brought up the mobility of the local brewery vs big brands to pivot with trends
  • Undiagnosed ADD comes from Dave talking about all the side projects at Cartel
  • Cartel to The Shop
  • Build out of the brewery
  • We had Rob Fullmer do a pitch for RWW during the break
  • Modern Times Collab – bingo, bango, bongo (7.2abv Hazy 4.04 Untapped)

02: ep18 2017/06/14 Wren House Brewing – Drew, Luke, Chris, Nate, Jeff

  • Old intro music, Drew (go’s next door to see what candy they have) quote in the beginning
  • This was recorded like 3 days before their 2nd year anniversary week.
  • Luke was a homebrewer, working at Angel’s Trumpet
  • Peaches and Cream was drank by all
  • We got to try the PV, Tombstone, and Wren Collab early (The Ten, their first 16oz can) about 500 cans total.
    •  Luke mentions the ease of the mobile canner, and probably going to see more 16oz going forward from them in the future.
  • Talking about expanding someday, and Drew mentions ideas about opening a taproom in Scottsdale or a farmhouse thing.
  • He also says they don’t plan on buying a giant warehouse and making S**** loads of beer.
  • We didn’t have break music.
  • We got to share a bottle of NoJo (said only 6 was left of the 200)
  • The great Vanilla shortage of 2017
  • They did a lot of big sweet candy stouts. Luke was responsible for pastry beers since he oversaw casking beers when he got there.

03: ep20 2017/07/12 AZ Wilderness – Chase, Chris, Nate, Jeff

  • Dry golden wet beaver shower (Chase), and Takosubo Men intro, no break music
  • Chase (Dogfish Head Palo Santo) he was also going to be a Dentist
  • Worked at San Tan when he first moved here
  • Was thinking about opening his own place in Barnone
  • First beer he brewed was a grisette (sold awfully)
  • We are drinking a stout and Nate says sour stout
  • Last Dirty Hop Water he wasn’t happy with it, and he said the next one will blow our minds.
    • The idea was to make each one its own little experiment.
  • We had a bottle of Muir’s Mûre (one of the last bottles left) – wild ale, black berry
  • His first week was the first Camp Coolship
  • Just all the collabs they had
  • The Sinagua Malt, to replace alfalfa crops with barely during the summer months
  • 140 acres of barley, they want to open it to all the other breweries

04: ep23 2017/08/23 12 West Brewing – Noel, Chris, Jeff, Nate

  • Pickle brine sour called Pickle Rick Quote (Jeff), and Takosubo Men intro
  • They gave us an IPA flight
  • Nate said he likes kettle soured beers
  • Noel (Blue Moon Variety Packs)
  • Homebrewer and brewed with BRI
  • Barnone was the going to be the Sour location and then offsite production
  • 12 West name and logo, 12 West Main in Downtown Mesa
  • Chris said he liked their Kolsch
  • Quad Dutch Rudder came up
  • Got inside story of the Mijo (Noel’s first brew, making a triple) Sam Elliot’s nickname for Patrick Swayze in Road House
  • All the Ricky and Morty references
  • Anchor Steam bought by Sapparo, RIP Anchor Steam

05: ep19 2017/06/28 AZ Whales and Hazy Days – Chris, Jeff, Nate

  • Old music, no break music
  • We drink Wren House Peaches and Cream IPA Crowler was held for us by Drew (the infamous Podcast Dudes tag)
  • We talk about our collab with Historic Brewing Company called Hazy Days of Summer
  • We talk about how excited we are with Wren House
  • First Wren beer that Jeff has ever had
  • Nate talks about the parking spots at Wren, and the small parking lots
  • Crappy parking in general at places
  • Nate is all in on Wren and is ok about AZ Wilderness
  • Standout Beers Jingle 21:00

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