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213- Tapping into Community: Sarah Ritchie | Monster Brewing Co

February 23, 2024

(NSFW) In this lively episode, Ed, Chris, Nate, and special guest Sarah Ritchie from Monster Brewing Company gather at Hair of the Dog in Gilbert, Arizona. Amidst clinking glasses, they explore Monster Energy’s “The Beast” and Hard Tea, setting the stage for an engaging session. Sipping on Pueblo Vida Pulp IPA and Roses By the Stairs Fairy Dust Triple Dry-Hopped IPA, they honor podcast traditions. Sarah navigates the rapid round with wit, sharing stories from her UK beer adventures, the genesis of Girls Pint Out in Tucson, and unexpected fondness for the French’s Mustard collaboration with Oskar Blues. Laughter ensues as they delve into celebrity comparisons, attributing Nate’s voice to Paul Rudd. The episode resonates with admiration for craft beer camaraderie, celebrating inclusivity.

Sarah unveils the Pink Boots Society’s significance, shedding light on its impact. The conversation takes a thoughtful turn, addressing the role of male podcasters in empowering women in craft beer, navigating advocacy versus mansplaining. Beyond beer flavors, the episode is a heartfelt exploration of people, passions, and empowering initiatives, showcasing the exceptional craft beer community. Tune in for laughter, insights, and genuine camaraderie as they raise a glass to craft beer and its remarkable contributors.

Our Guest’s Info:

Monster Brewing Company

Instagram – CraftBeerBetty

Our Information:

Music Credit: Takotsubo Men

The assorted sounds of three ageing humans hitting things in a studio for five days. Beautifully nasty and pretty vile at times but ultimately gorgeous. Enjoy!

Intro: Skint But Free Outro: Takotsubo Man

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