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Season 2,

205- Pedal Haus Crowned AZ Brewery of the Year | 2023 GABF Recap

November 03, 2023

(NSFW) In this year’s Craft Beer Awards season, Ed and Chris delve deep into the 2023 GABF results, celebrating the victories of Arizona’s breweries. They shine a spotlight on the major categories and the skilled brewers who have risen to the top. However, as they navigate through the list, they can’t help but notice the absence of certain beer styles. Chris laments the missing Sour Stout, while they share a light-hearted moment over the niche market of gluten-free beer. Despite the quirks, the focus remains on the local scene, with an exciting recap of the 2023 AZ Craft Beer Awards. Pedal Haus takes center stage as Brewery of the Year, and Ayla Kapahi from Broderlands Brewing receives the esteemed Directors Award for her outstanding contributions to the Las Hermanas Project.

Amid all the accolades and laughter, Ed and Chris also take a moment to reflect on the private awards event’s evolution, showcasing how it has grown and transformed since the previous year. It’s a testament to the ever-changing landscape of craft beer, made all the more enjoyable by your continuous support. We’re grateful for your presence on this journey with Ed and Chris as they unravel these captivating stories. Thank you for being part of our craft beer community!

Las Hermanas’ Project https://tucsonfoodie.com/2022/09/08/las-hermanas-2022/

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