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Season 2,

201- Last Sips of Dirty Hop Water | Arizona Wilderness Brewing

September 08, 2023

(NSFW) In the inaugural episode of Season 2, Ed, Nate, and Chris embark on a flavorful journey as they savor their last sips of the illustrious Dirty Hop Water Series, aptly named “This is the End” by AZ Wilderness Brewing. This hazy IPA boasts a single hop variety, the illustrious Wai-iti. As they sip and savor, they find themselves awash in nostalgia, reminiscing about the series’ formative days. The trio delves into the spectrum of their personal favorites, least favorites, and the general excellence that has been the hallmark of the series. Equipped with the newly acquired Yakima Tasting sheets, they aim to elevate their beer-tasting vernacular, with results that are both enlightening and entertaining. Along the way, they engage in spirited speculation, pondering the reasons behind the retirement of the Dirty Hop Water series and what exciting new concoctions might emerge to fill its hoppy shoes.

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Music Credit: Takotsubo Men

The assorted sounds of three ageing humans hitting things in a studio for five days. Beautifully nasty and pretty vile at times but ultimately gorgeous. Enjoy!

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