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Here are the Top 5 Most Downloaded Episodes of all of Season 1. As well as some highlights that we pulled out when listening back to them for episode 100.

01: ep21 2017/7/26 The Shop (Inappropriate Beer Names) – David, Jason, Dylan, Chris, Jeff, Nate

  • First interview with them, maybe first appearance of rapid round (not called that)
  • David Wanted to be a Dentist
  • David (Kilt Lifter), Jason (Killians/Two Hearted/Dale’s Pale), Dylan (Old Chub/Dale’s Pale)
  • We talk about “brewing beer the hard way” slogan from AB
  • AB 6 points from the High End
  • We get real deep into AB and their buyouts and how they work
  • Dylan brought up the mobility of the local brewery vs big brands to pivot with trends
  • Undiagnosed ADD comes from Dave talking about all the side projects at Cartel
  • Cartel to The Shop
  • Build out of the brewery
  • We had Rob Fullmer do a pitch for RWW during the break
  • Modern Times Collab – bingo, bango, bongo (7.2abv Hazy 4.04 Untapped)

02: ep18 2017/06/14 Wren House Brewing – Drew, Luke, Chris, Nate, Jeff

  • Old intro music, Drew (go’s next door to see what candy they have) quote in the beginning
  • This was recorded like 3 days before their 2nd year anniversary week.
  • Luke was a homebrewer, working at Angel’s Trumpet
  • Peaches and Cream was drank by all
  • We got to try the PV, Tombstone, and Wren Collab early (The Ten, their first 16oz can) about 500 cans total.
    •  Luke mentions the ease of the mobile canner, and probably going to see more 16oz going forward from them in the future.
  • Talking about expanding someday, and Drew mentions ideas about opening a taproom in Scottsdale or a farmhouse thing.
  • He also says they don’t plan on buying a giant warehouse and making S**** loads of beer.
  • We didn’t have break music.
  • We got to share a bottle of NoJo (said only 6 was left of the 200)
  • The great Vanilla shortage of 2017
  • They did a lot of big sweet candy stouts. Luke was responsible for pastry beers since he oversaw casking beers when he got there.

03: ep20 2017/07/12 AZ Wilderness – Chase, Chris, Nate, Jeff

  • Dry golden wet beaver shower (Chase), and Takosubo Men intro, no break music
  • Chase (Dogfish Head Palo Santo) he was also going to be a Dentist
  • Worked at San Tan when he first moved here
  • Was thinking about opening his own place in Barnone
  • First beer he brewed was a grisette (sold awfully)
  • We are drinking a stout and Nate says sour stout
  • Last Dirty Hop Water he wasn’t happy with it, and he said the next one will blow our minds.
    • The idea was to make each one its own little experiment.
  • We had a bottle of Muir’s Mûre (one of the last bottles left) – wild ale, black berry
  • His first week was the first Camp Coolship
  • Just all the collabs they had
  • The Sinagua Malt, to replace alfalfa crops with barely during the summer months
  • 140 acres of barley, they want to open it to all the other breweries

04: ep23 2017/08/23 12 West Brewing – Noel, Chris, Jeff, Nate

  • Pickle brine sour called Pickle Rick Quote (Jeff), and Takosubo Men intro
  • They gave us an IPA flight
  • Nate said he likes kettle soured beers
  • Noel (Blue Moon Variety Packs)
  • Homebrewer and brewed with BRI
  • Barnone was the going to be the Sour location and then offsite production
  • 12 West name and logo, 12 West Main in Downtown Mesa
  • Chris said he liked their Kolsch
  • Quad Dutch Rudder came up
  • Got inside story of the Mijo (Noel’s first brew, making a triple) Sam Elliot’s nickname for Patrick Swayze in Road House
  • All the Ricky and Morty references
  • Anchor Steam bought by Sapparo, RIP Anchor Steam

05: ep19 2017/06/28 AZ Whales and Hazy Days – Chris, Jeff, Nate

  • Old music, no break music
  • We drink Wren House Peaches and Cream IPA Crowler was held for us by Drew (the infamous Podcast Dudes tag)
  • We talk about our collab with Historic Brewing Company called Hazy Days of Summer
  • We talk about how excited we are with Wren House
  • First Wren beer that Jeff has ever had
  • Nate talks about the parking spots at Wren, and the small parking lots
  • Crappy parking in general at places
  • Nate is all in on Wren and is ok about AZ Wilderness
  • Standout Beers Jingle 21:00
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Tap Houses and Bottle Shops

Though the name might suggest it, this is not a top ten list. The best place to buy good craft beer is whatever is closest and/or most convenient for you. And we all know that buying from the source is the best. Yet, we feel that these are the 10 best places to buy to go craft beer in the valley. Places that you should go out of your way and check out.

Hoppy Craftsmen Craft Beer Podcast
The Sleepy Whale
290 South Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ 85225

Many ask where the name comes from. It’s because of the rarity of finding a sleeping whale or rare brew in the beer community. They server tons of unique craft beer, wine, and mead. In a pretty amazing spot in downtown Chandler.

Ground Control

Locally owned coffee shop featuring in-house roasted Fair Trade coffee ☕️, 27 craft beer drafts🍺, and wood-fired pizzas🍕

The Wayward
1028 Grand Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Serving an awesome selection of craft and domestic beers as well as ciders, wines, and seltzers. Tasting room is located right in the heart of Grand Ave near Grand Ave Pizza Co, Novel Ice Cream, Pueblo, Bacanora, and many more gems!

The Wandering Tortoise
2417 E Indian School Rd Phoenix, AZ 85016

The Tortoise or also know as (WT) specializes in craft beer and wine from coast to coast. The vision was simple, create an amazing atmosphere with the best possible hospitality and curate the most amazing beverages that we can get our hands on. The goal and mission has always been to help elevate the Arizona craft beer scene.

3316 S McClintock Dr, Tempe, AZ 85282

Our philosophy at Bottleshop 48 is pretty simple: drink great beer, sip great wine, support local, and most importantly, take care of our community. We believe that beer and wine have the unique ability to bring people together. It can be a catalyst for community building, friendship, understanding, and comradery.

Trevor’s Liquor
7340 E McDowell Rd. Scottsdale AZ, 85257

Trevor’s believes that acquiring a wide variety of familiar brands in conjunction with local favorites is the recipe for success. Trevor’s is proud of the personal relationships they form with the local breweries. Allowing them to offer fresh and limited selections you will not find anywhere else.

The Casual Pint
1095 W Queen Creek Rd Ste 8, Chandler, AZ 85248

The Casual Pint Craft Beer Market, offers a relaxed, family friendly atmosphere much like a coffee shop, with a focus on Craft Beer. Our expert “Beer-tenders” can serve up Craft Beer by the pint from our tap wall, by the can or by the bottle to enjoy in our store.

Rift Wine + Tap
431 North Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, 85257

Rift is Scottsdale’s premiere lounge for craft beer and boutique wines. With 25 rotating craft beer handles, a large selection of cans and bottles to go, and a specially curated wine retail selection.

Craft Beer Quick Stop
18655 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85024

They have more than 1000 cold beers to choose from including Craft Beer, Fine Beer, Local Brew,
Import Beer and Domestic Beer. We also have Growlers Station with 51 taps. Definitely a hidden gem in North Phoenix.

The Theodore
110 E Roosevelt St Ste. C, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Beer + Wine Bar & Bottle Shop located on Roosevelt Row in Downtown Phoenix! Outside food welcome. Dog friendly. Sister location to The Golden Pineapple Craft Lounge & The Sleepy Whale Beer Bar & Bottle Shop!

The Theodore
403 N 6th Ave #135, Tucson, AZ
Honorable Mention:

We know the title said 10, but we couldn’t leave out this amazing bottle shop and taproom in Tucson! Tap + Bottle has tons of great events, lots of great beers. And we can’t say enough how amazing the people there are. If you’re heading to Tucson, you should really stop in and have one.

What makes a great tap house or bottle shop? Loads of things come to mind. Though, there are some things that make a place standout from the rest. If you are a listener of the show, then you know how much we talk about fresh beer. This is very important when we start getting into craft beers from other states. Another thing to keep an eye out for is the beer being kept cold. Places that have shelves upon shelves of warm beer are not doing anyone a favor. Sure, there are some beer that can be aged at room temp. There are lots of others; looking at you IPA’s, that should never be sitting on an endcap degrading as we speak. The atmosphere is another great thing to look for. Listen sometimes you have to bring your kids, your spouse (who doesn’t drink beer), and possibly the fur kids as well. They all need a space to chill, and enjoy the things they like too. So, find a space that allows for this to happen. Last but not least, is their selection of the latest, and freshest local craft beer. We love to support places that support our local craft breweries. Here are 10 of the places that we like to support in and around the Valley. Did we miss any? Let us know

(NSFW) This week the guys decide that since everyone else is doing some kind of pairing they should too for AZ Craft Beer Week. Going along with the pairing they talk about current news for a couple Arizona breweries. They touch on who else has decided to get into the craft beer game. You’ll never guess. And is the term over rated really that over used or does it mean something else completely.

Music Credit: Porno Galactic by Concrete Dinosaur


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National News

Cascade New Branding – https://www.craftbeer.com/news/beer-release/cascade-brewing-debuts-new-branding-with-release

Overrated is Overused – https://www.beeradvocate.com/mag/15180/overrated-is-overused/

 Local News

Chicago-based Two Brothers Brewing buys Sleepy Dog Brewery in Tempe – http://mouthbysouthwest.com/2017/02/03/two-brothers-buys-sleepy-dog-brewery-in-tempe/

OHSO Opens in Downtown Gilbert – http://mouthbysouthwest.com/2017/01/18/ohso-brewery-creamistry-are-latest-additions-coming-to-downtown-gilbert/

Craft Beer Culture

A Reality Show, About Craft Beer. – http://barelybeershow.com/

Sweet Water Vs Sam Adams – https://www.craftbeer.com/news/craftbeer-com-news/craft-brewers-get-atlanta-boston-big-game-super-bowl-rivalry

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