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First Steps

Well, this is the first step. We have plans to start recording the podcast or at least doing some recordings of Google Hangouts or Facebook Live or whatever those crazy interns I work with tell me is the “cool thing” now. Figured this would help reach a bigger audience and help spread the love of craft beer.

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The Setup

So there we are standing around my kitchen, shooting the shit. It’s myself, Brandon and our good friends Dave and Liz. On occasion we meet up and have mini bottle shares. Which normally we interject into some other event we are doing, movie night, game night, etc. Brandon has brought with him a few bottles, and one just so happens to be a bottle of 2015 Punishment from Stone Brewing. Which is part of the Crime and Punishment series.If you have never had this line of beers before, they are spicy to say the least. Stone makes a pretzels at it’s World Bistro that if you order a side of milk with them its free, after its $5 a glass. Needless to say Brandon had been sitting on this bottle for a while, over a year in fact. He brought it to other bottle shares, always having to cart it back home. This night he would have to do that. With that year under it’s belt we all figured it would have mellowed. We were wrong. Continue reading

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