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Episode 04 Review: Operation Stoutapalooza

This week Brandon and Chris talk about and try some of the newly released beers to Arizona. Including Modern Times, and Prairie Artisan Ales. Then they babble on about something they call Stoutapalooza. Good times ensue!

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Music Credit: Porno Galactic by Concrete Dinosaur


InDepth Beer Review:

  • Modern Times – Fortunate Islands
    • Rating – 3.75
    • Style – American Pale Wheat Ale
    • ABV – 5%
    • FINALLY!! Welcome to Arizona Modern Times, we can’t tell you how much we were looking forward to having MT brews available here and were surprised by the amount of beers they brought with them for their release parties. Among the specialties, were the staples and this one did not let down, a wheat beer that could pass for an IPA.  Smooth and not overly hoppy, almost like a session IPA.  Be on the lookout for this and other selections at your local bottle shop or brew pub.


  • Modern Times – Sleepless City
    • Rating – 4
    • Style – American Coffee Brown Ale
    • ABV – 5.7%
    • One of the Special Releases that MT brought for their release at Brass Tap in Mesa was this amazing coffee brown ale, and it did not disappoint. It almost seems as though coffee beers are going the way of the pumpkin beer with most breweries dabbling in them, the good thing is that unlike most pumpkin’s being made with spices instead of actual pumpkin…coffee beers are actually brewed with coffee beans and this helps make the coffee taste just all the more delicious.  And this one is certainly that.


  • Prairie Artisan – Bomb!
    • Rating – 4.5
    • Style – American Imperial/Double Stout
    • ABV – 13%
    • Chile Bomb, is really what it should be called…while it has a very bold chili aroma, it doesn’t leave a burning after taste. The spices just pull the chocolate notes out, providing a rich and smooth stout that is perfect for all beer connoisseurs alike.  Let these bad boys warm to room temp for the best taste.


  • Prairie Artisan – Christmas Bomb!
    • Rating – 4.5
    • Style – American Imperial/Double Stout
    • ABV – 13%
    • This one has more of a bourbon taste were the Bomb! had the chili’s. It gives the same beer a whole new life, crazy how a subtle tweak in ingredients can make a difference in the best way.  We’re so glad that Prairie Artisans is now available here in Arizona, they have such a great line-up of beers and we will definitely enjoy exploring them.


*All rating an average of Chris and Brandon’s Untappd ratings.

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