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Episode 03 Review: Operation Bipartisan

No matter what side you fall on, we can all agree on a few things. Beer is good, craft beer is great, and getting to do a show about craft beer is amazing!  This week Brandon and Chris split the isle and put aside differences to drink a few to the candidates and the whole election season. Mostly because its over now.

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Below you will find the in-depth reviews of the beers we enjoyed on the show and links to all the articles we talked about.

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InDepth Beer Review:


  • DESTIHL – Wild Sour Series: Plum Sour Stout
    • Rating – 4.5
    • Style – Sour Ale
    • ABV – 5.6%
    • This “stout” is sour up front with a great chocolate flavor to back it up, the low ABV makes for a smooth drink. It’s almost crazy to think of a sour stout, this is one that most beer drinkers might turn their noses up at, but it’s a surprisingly perfect combination of the two and anyone that passes it by is not doing their taste buds any favors.


  • Brooklyn – Post Road Pumpkin Ale
    • Rating – 3
    • Style – Pumpkin Ale
    • ABV – 5%
    • Another smooth pumpkin ales that doesn’t overdo it with the spices, it does carry a bit more clove flavor than some of its brothers, which helps it stand apart from many of the other we’ve previously tasted.  Slowly trying all that Brooklyn has to offer as they just recently became available to us here in AZ, but so far they have yet to disappoint.



  • Lagunitas – Wilco Tango Foxtrot
    • Rating – 3.25
    • Style – Double Imperial Brown Ale
    • ABV – 7.85%
    • If you’re not a fan of hops, turn back now…Lagunitas has not met a hop they don’t like and this one (like all their other beers) is no different and any brewery that cleverly names that beer W.T.F., well you better believe it’ll have you saying just that. This beer truly embodies the West Coast style and if you can handle a bold beer this one might just be up your alley.


  • Avery – Ale to the Chief!
    • Rating – 4
    • Style – Double Imperial IPA
    • ABV – 8.1%
    • In a tribute to our sitting President (Obama) and the newly Elected one (Donald Trump), this third adaptation of a beer that is brewed every four years for the Inauguration of the next or returning President, and the 2017 version boosts a bipartisan blend of malt and hops making for an incredibly smooth double IPA.  Be sure to crack a bottle on Friday January 20th to help welcome our next 45th Commander-in-chief.


  • Unibroue – La Fin Du Monde
    • Rating – 3.5
    • Style – Belgian Tripel
    • ABV – 9%
    • When all of America is talking about moving to Canada, as they do after any election any more, you can stay here and enjoy this lovey treat from the Great White North. With an impressive 96 on BeerAdvocate it really is one of the finest Belgian Tripels around, one that would even make the monks of ol’ take notice.  Enjoy a bottle with a friend and watch to see how these next four years play out, plus see if you can find the hidden meaning in the name and its relevance for this show.


*All rating an average of Chris and Brandon’s Untappd ratings.

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