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Episode 01 Review: Operation Merger – InDepth Beer Review

A little late, but better late than never. Here is a list of the beers we talked about and sampled during our first episode where we dicussed a local merger and enjoyed a couple blind taste tests.

  • Papago – Orange Blossom
    • Rating – 3.25
    • Style – Mandarin Wheat ale
    • ABV – 5%
    • A light mandarin style wheat ale that boast a strong vanilla taste, refreshing on a hot day and available in cans for your day at the pool or lake.

  • Huss – Koffee Kolsch
    • Rating – 3.75
    • Style – Kolsch
    • ABV – 4.7%
    • If you like coffee, this is the kolsch for you…light and refreshing without the lingering morning coffee breathe. Available in cans, and perfect for your early morning tailgate or pregame football parties on Saturday’s or Sunday’s.

  • Ballast Point – Cinnamon Raisin Commadore
    • Rating – 4
    • Style – American Stout
    • ABV – 6.5%
    • A cinnamon raisin stout that is the perfect complement to your holiday desserts. Almost a pumpkin style beer without the pumpkin, the use of the spices makes for a very drinkable stout that doesn’t throw too many flavors at your taste buds.

  • Iron Fist – Ken Schmidt Mint Stout
    • Rating – 4
    • Style – Russian Imperial Stout
    • ABV – 9.2%
    • This bold chocolaty-mint stout has a sweet minty bouquet, but not an overpowering mint flavor. Best, like most imperial stouts, served and drank at more room temperature to really bring out the flavor combinations. Brewed in collaboration with Ken Schmidt, the winner of the Stone Homebrew Competition in 2009 and 2012.

*All rating are an average of Chris and Brandon’s Untappd ratings.

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