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Quite Some Time Ago

Shortly after I reached the age of 21, (quite some time ago) I moved to CO – a state known for skiing, mountains and beer. Until that point, Budweiser, Coors and Miller High Life (the proverbial Champaign of beers) was all I knew of beer. I didn’t much care what it was when I was 21; I was just excited to drink anything legally. But, after I moved Fort Collins, CO, home to New Belgium and O’Dell’s, I experienced the complexity and adventure of craft beer and the Champaign of Beers kind of lost its celebratory appeal.

Since then, I’ve moved a few more times. Each time, I worried that I may not be able to get the beer I had grown so fond of in CO. Fortunately, the craft beer scene has been rapidly expanding, and so I was able to get New Belgium beers as well as a variety of other microbrew delights in my new respective cities.

A year ago, we moved to a relatively small city of 30,000 in central TN for my husband’s job. Having spent most of my life in the West and in relatively large cities, I was completely ignorant to what living in Cookeville, TN (part of the Bible belt) would be like. I worried, again, that the only beer that would be available would be the High Life.
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Is It me?

Recently, I was browsing the beer forums and blogs for the show and came across the an article, and like most good articles it made me question myself. Let me explain. In the article in question the author was at a bar and overheard a group of guys talking about the beer they were ordering. He agreed with most of the acronyms they were throwing around and I’m guessing most of the major descriptors as well. The only thing that really irked him was that they were saying how the IBU’s were low on the amber ales, the stouts, and even the IPA’s for christ’s sake!

Now the question I asked myself was “Am I one of those guys?” really? “Do I dislike a beer based on its relative IBU count?” And if I dig down deep and am truly honest with myself the answer is NO! Ok maybe I do. However, in most situations when I am at a new bar I look at the menu and choose a beer that they describe as one I might like. This is an IPA more than anything. If they have more than one of the same style and nothing between them is that different, than yes I might use IBU’s as a deciding factor. But. that is not the defacto reason I choose to drink a beer. Most of the time it is more of an after thought more that anything. I drink the craft beer (probably an IPA) and think to myself or out loud “What’s the IBU’s on this beast?” But, even if its below what in my amateur taste buds might assume that it should be I still do not feel it affects my overall assessment of the beer. Continue reading

First Steps

Well, this is the first step. We have plans to start recording the podcast or at least doing some recordings of Google Hangouts or Facebook Live or whatever those crazy interns I work with tell me is the “cool thing” now. Figured this would help reach a bigger audience and help spread the love of craft beer.

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