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Wait I Checked Things In?

There are probably a few reasons why someone would want to, or for that matter not want to keep track of the beers they drank. For some it’s a way to boast on how much they have drank or it’s to prove they have drank a certain whale or two. Other’s use it solely to help choose from the endless choices that are out there now (not a bad thing). For me it’s always more of a way to remind myself what I drank. Not saying I want to have a who has more check-ins or drank the most unique beers; I’m sure I’ll lose. However, that’s the point, I’m pretty awful at keeping track of what beers I drink. So having some sort of portable way to keep track of my beer drinking exploits is pretty awesome. Not to say having a rad hand crafted beer tasting journal is not the way to go, but in my heart I’m a geek and tech just wins me over. It is sort of nostalgic to look thru the beers you had and if you are like me remember them all over again. So I broke them down by the top five rated beers I had in Arizona and top five from everywhere else, I’m sure I left a lot off this list that I loved, but like I said I’m awful at checking things in.

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Has it only been one year?

Could The Wandering Tortoise actually be celebrating just its first anniversary? I know it’s true, but it does seem hard to believe. Anyone that has been in the Wandering Tortoise know it is a special spot. Seeing that tap list when you walk in makes that clear, but it goes a lot deeper than that. The Tortoise is owned and operated by people that love beer and love providing a great place to enjoy beer. The owners, Justin and Shay, just get it. The Wandering Tortoise has been at the top of its game since opening because they have the experience and understanding of what it takes to make something special. They know it’s about the people. That’s clear with everyone they employ and every collaboration/partnership they bring into their shop. We all know that every business is dependent on making money, but some are different, some of these places are so genuine and driven to provide the best experience that sometimes they don’t seem to care.

Wandering Tortoise

Wandering Tortoise 1st Year Anniversary


In just one year they have doubled in size and have hosted some of the best tap takeovers and special events in Phoenix. The list of first class breweries that these guys have worked with and hosted in one year is not only impressive, its endless. They support craft beer from around the country but you will always find Arizona’s best on that wall too. Besides the insane list of craft beer on tap, they curate an incredible bottle and can selection that would make any beer geek jealous. I have lost a lot of time standing in front of those glass doors. It is filled with not just the best bottles and cans available to them, but also local, always fresh cans from surrounding Arizona breweries. That might be one of the most impressive aspects of The Wandering Tortoise, they truly support the Arizona Craft beer industry at its foundation.


The collaboration and camaraderie found amongst breweries is no different with craft beer shops or taprooms. They are there to support the industry and great ones, like The Wandering Tortoise, make those around them better. One year on and it is clear The Tortoise is in a rare class. They are running at full speed and there is no stopping them at this point. We have many more years of great things to expect from The Wandering Tortoise and it will be very exciting to see what the future holds.


Hoppy Craftsmen Craft Beer Podcast

First Episode with Wandering Tortoise

To commemorate their first anniversary, we are rereleasing our episode recorded at The Wandering Tortoise with owners Shay and Justin. This was recorded on location before the Wandering Tortoise had its beautiful expansion, doubling its original size. We had a great conversation and enjoyed some very good beer. They were gracious hosts and we can’t wait to go back to record with them again! Please enjoy this episode and get down to the Tortoise today, they have another insane line up for their anniversary celebration. Check out the information below.


Wandering Tortoise 1st Anniversary

When: Dec 16th 2017
Where: 2417 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, Arizona 85016
More Info: Facebook


Blues and Brews 2017

Blues and Brews

Last month, I ran for beer and Public Television (not necessarily in that order).

As a fairly new, and introverted resident of Cookeville TN, I am always excited to find events for grown-ups that will keep me involved in the community while helping me avoid my natural inclination to hide at home under the covers and plot how to collect more cats.

The WCTE Haunted Half Marathon and The Blues and Brews Craft Beer Festival were such occasions. An added bonus (or perhaps the selling point for each), was that WCTE provided a package deal in which race participants could also purchase a discounted VIP ticket to The Blues and Brews Craft Beer Festival, both events benefiting WCTE Upper Cumberland PBS. I run sometimes for health (mostly mental), and I am a craft beer enthusiast (which is arguably also for mental health), so it seemed like a good combination of events for me. I could spend the morning running, then spend all afternoon recovering from the run by filling and refilling my 3oz commemorative taster glass with delicious, guilt-free beer. Continue reading

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