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My Top Ten Favorite Beers of 2017 According to Untappd

Wait I Checked Things In?

There are probably a few reasons why someone would want to, or for that matter not want to keep track of the beers they drank. For some it’s a way to boast on how much they have drank or it’s to prove they have drank a certain whale or two. Other’s use it solely to help choose from the endless choices that are out there now (not a bad thing). For me it’s always more of a way to remind myself what I drank. Not saying I want to have a who has more check-ins or drank the most unique beers; I’m sure I’ll lose. However, that’s the point, I’m pretty awful at keeping track of what beers I drink. So having some sort of portable way to keep track of my beer drinking exploits is pretty awesome. Not to say having a rad hand crafted beer tasting journal is not the way to go, but in my heart I’m a geek and tech just wins me over. It is sort of nostalgic to look thru the beers you had and if you are like me remember them all over again. So I broke them down by the top five rated beers I had in Arizona and top five from everywhere else, I’m sure I left a lot off this list that I loved, but like I said I’m awful at checking things in.


Photo Credit: Jeff Breckon

Hazy Days of Summer – Historic Brewing

About: Hazy New England style IPA made with Motueka , Ariana, Belma and El Dorado hops

Notes: This one might be a little biased since its the beer we collaborated with Historic Brewing on.

ABV: 8.3%

Rating: 5.0

Photo Credit: Chris Sanback

Hydrologic – Wren House Brewing

About: Hydrologic is a pale ale brewed with 2-row, munich, flaked oats and flaked barley. Hopped aggressively with Citra and Columbus in the whirlpool. Then a massive dry hop treatment of Galaxy, Mandarina Bavaria, Mosaic Lupulin Powder, and Citra. Huge aroma of tangerine followed by some peach and tropical fruit. Super soft juicy mouthfeel reminiscent of mango/orange juice.

Notes: This beer was brewed for the Pure Water Challenge  by Wren House, through some weird mix up in the rules they did not know they weren’t allowed to serve it. Luckily, myself and a few others got to have one before they had to pull it off. It was pretty damn good, but when placed next to a spellbinder it was really hard to taste the difference. Hmmm maybe Spellbinder should have been on here.

ABV: 5.6%

Rating: 4.75

Photo Credit: Nate Libby

Logistics – Pueblo Vida

About: Brewed with local unmalted wheat. Hopped with 50 pounds of fresh mosaic wet hops picked less than 24 hours before hitting the wort. Dry-hopped with Mosaic lupulin powder to fully satiate your Mosaic cravings.

Notes: This is one we had during the the Pueblo Vida recording and we could not stay away from it. We drank others but we kept coming back to this beer over and over again. That being said there was a lot of Pueblo Vidia beers I had this year that tied with this one, this one just was a little higher because of my first experience having it with the brewers/owners.

ABV: 7%

Rating: 4.75

Photo Credit: Nate Libby

Halakahiki – Girls Pint Out/Borderlands

About: A Collaboration with Girls Pint Out. Hazy IPA with tons of fresh pineapple and a little bit of coconut.

Notes: This one has a great story as well. We had this on draft at Tap and Bottle in Tucson while recording the Borderlands episode. All the while the Girls Pint Out was having their release party of it upstairs. Again, we had a few beers that day but we kept coming back to this bomb ass beer. I think this inspired, at least my choice on the collab beer we are brewing with The Shop Beer Co. Also, Borderlands put out some killer beers this year as well, but drinking one with the brewer is pretty damn special so that’s why this one gets the nod.

ABV: 6.1%

Rating: 4.75

Photo Credit: Nate Libby

Bingo Bango Bongo – The Shop Beer Co./Modern Times

About: A beer named bingo bango bongo, because, first of all…BINGO! I think we both would agree that this needs no further explanation. Secondly, Bango. Because that’s the second word in this little phrase we’ve been working on…come on man, pay attention!!! Thirdly, bongo, as in, when I drink this, I can almost hear the sweet, sweet sounds of a little musical instrument called…steel drums! (tricked you there), Drink up, ya dingus!

Notes: This is the first beer I stood in line for from The Shop, and it didn’t disappoint at all. Which we hope to reach this level of awesome with our upcoming collab with The Shop with our Tripple Hazy Pina Colada IPA. Also,  a little birdie told me to keep an eye out, that this beer should be making a come back real soon. Woot!! I’ll be in that line again.

ABV: 7.2%

Rating: 4.50


Everywhere Else

Photo Credit: mybeerbuzz.com

Equilibrium – Toolbox

About: An Imperial Stout aged in Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey™ barrels with Mostra™ Coffee and Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans added.

Notes: The Craftsmen took a trip out to San Diego and the first place we went to was not our hotel. It was Toolbox Brewing. We had some of their other amazing milkshake beers, and was blown away by these. Then I spied a big imperial stout on the board. At first I was a little hesitant to get it since this was the first stop in  many for the night. But, hey I wasn’t driving so screw it. Man that was awesome, we even blended some of a sour they had on tap with it. Even better.

ABV: 13.8%

Rating: 5.0


Photo Credit: Monkish Brewing

Interstellar Hitchhiker – Monkish Brewing

About: Foudre aged mix fermented saison.

Notes: I can’t remember which of the last two trips to California I had this on. Either way see there are saisons I like. They just have to taste tart and be more sour. That being said I had a few IPA’s from Monkish that also should be on this list but alas I did not check them in. So honorable mentions go to Foggy Window and Sentence Begins Indented as well.

ABV: 5.3%

Rating: 4.75

Broadacres with Strawberry – Phantom Carriage

About: Barrel-aged Berliner Weisse with organic strawberries.

Notes: Snagged this on our first trip out to California, while waiting in a line for the 24K someone told us to check out Phantom Carriage. We walked in and was greeted by Heavy Metal and Horror movies. That was my kind of place for sure. The sour I brought back to share with my wife. She liked it so much that we had to go visit the next time we were in California. PS she also likes metal and horror movies, so that helped too.


Rating: 4.75

24k Juice – Noble Ale Works

About: 24K JUICE is a diggity diggity dank Double IPA rolling deep with an entourage of hops that will always have your back. Let DJ Dank Juice, Citron, Am-I-Real-Yo, EL-D, and Chinook the Crook mob up to your palate with fistfuls of ripe citrus, stone fruit, and DAT DANK YO! It’s just like Juice and the Crew say, “If it ain’t hazy, you crazy! WE OUT!”

Notes: The first beer I ever really stood in line for. I mean, I stood in lines for beers here in Arizona but this one was crazy as all get out. We got to Noble Ale Works super early and had about 300 people in front of us. Oddly enough the line went super fast and we all snagged our limit of course. Well worth it too, I miss this beer, and sadly I missed the 48k Juice release they had as well. Here’s hoping I can make 64k Juice. The tasting room wasn’t open and we didn’t wait around for it to, so I’d like to try some more of their beers for sure.

ABV: 8.5%

Rating: 4.75

Blueberry Muffin – Great Notion Brewing

About: This Blueberry sour will remind you of your Grandma’s freshly baked blueberry muffins!

Notes: And it totally does, if my grandma was Hostess. This tasted like a slightly sour Muffin Loaf, and I say that in a good way. I’m going to be back in Portland later this month and I hope Great Notion will have some on tap for me to bring back with me. Our buddy and supporter of the show Matt Smith sent this to us, if you need a house in Portland give him a call.

ABV: 5.5%

Rating: 4.75




*About descriptors taken directly from Untappd.

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