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HCPC63: Dark Sky Brewing 4 Years and 4 Hundred Beers

May 16, 2019

(NSFW) A road trip north to party with one of the best breweries in the state — Dark Sky Brewing celebrates their 4th anniversary!  We sit down with Ryan and Nick the day after to figure out if we have a hang over or if it’s just altitude sickness. We establish a few things, first send all your mayo pictures to Ryan, and second there is no basement at DSB. Then since it is Nicks first time on the show, we put him through our infamous not-so-rapid round. We go over the past, present, beer, food, pizza, dogs and what is to come — we cover it all. Hope you have as much fun listening as we had recording this hung over.

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Music Credit: Takotsubo Men

The assorted sounds of three ageing humans hitting things in a studio for five days. Enjoy!

Intro: Skint But Free Outro: Takotsubo Man

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Too much I hate it. He’s the only one around here that enjoys it really hits like a certain peak level where I’m just like, it just makes me want to vomit. Yeah, like I’m drinking swamp water. Yeah, I’m drinking dirt and smoke. Yeah.

That’s I’m drinking I’m drinking bear piss in a glass full of suck. Yeah, don’t don’t let it ruin your next beer after that. You’re getting me a little excited with all

that is disgusting.

Alright guys, welcome back for another episode of hoppy craftsmen. We are here at dark sky brewing as usual as me Nate, my buddy, Chris. And we are in it. And happy to be here. It’s happy to be here. Exactly. We got a couple guests. Brian, our good buddy as usual. Hello. Hello.

Which I think and they were talking earlier we have a title. Yeah, your title card is getting pretty big your

barley wine is life ambassador. Yeah.

Beer chugging champion. Yes. I’m undefeated beer chugging. Justin still got me even when the head start. And then in our in Nick, as well below. Let’s make sure we’re not title. We’re not okay. We’re not introducing you yet. Sorry. There was not here. There’s one more so which was Meet me in the pit champion as well. Yeah, okay, well hopefully we can hopefully get them not to

forgot about that. Hopefully we got a few extra names for Nick. No and that’s

okay Nick, do you have any titles? Yeah. So provided or, you know, so like a Apollo Creed style. He survived the plague last year. He wasn’t on this plague survivor.

Sorry to anyone who has actually ever had plague. I’m not

downplay it, but yes, I was hurt last year’s anniversary 30 darn hard. I remember that.

Yes, I’m Nick. Hi. Thanks for joining us this time in Hell yeah. Hell yeah. Thank you for having me. So we had a bright idea to do a podcast The day after your anniversary party. So we figured we’d start off with what are your guys’s in your professional opinion the best hangover cures?

You guys got any you yourself use any trade secrets? The Ron Swanson like what pair of socks before bed? Whoa.

Yeah, no wet socks on your feet or do you just

one wet saucer claim.

Oh, I’m sorry. No way. So yeah, the hangover cures you did you just remind me that I do have half of a coconut water really far away right now. So I’m kind of sad about that. But that’s the

Definitely a go to coconut water

I was always told that more more liquor or beer just

start over yet start over you can have a hangover if you don’t stop drinking that true words and then you’re asleep by three o’clock in the afternoon yeah

they’re all downsides of things I mean I don’t know. Yeah, we get a shriveled up dehydrated

I think says ons are a great a great hanging over here.

I don’t know just because it’s a nice drinking one hazy IPA looks like a good just because I happen to be having one. Yeah. But like really I was thinking just that little I’ll call like just like land the plane nice and soft.

Soft land and power of thought like is positive like

I don’t feel like she I believe

this will make me feel better.

For is it for the record. I’m not hungover. I have altitude sick. That’s what we told we were told this is nice. Apparently they’re the same symptoms. So I’m going to go with that one.

Yeah it’s the Lindsay Lohan dehydration

perfect I’m not going to rehab I’m on vacation

when I was dehydrated yeah well I’m sorry to hear about your altitude sickness now it’s a hangover

due to the altitude I’m sure yeah got yourself Ryan

just a big water and ibuprofen guy yeah boring but like Tylenol extra drink this morning in the morning or before bed before bed yeah if you can get it Yeah. If you are a member or hotel you don’t have any until the next water or no water we had no it’s making sure

the roadway again

sometime the weeds right before bed is a is a nice touch to put you to sleep. You wake up feeling pretty groggy, though?

Unless you just keep Yeah. All the time. All the time. And then you’re like,

not an issue. This is normal. Like Like, I can’t I have to be a functioning member of society. Yeah, but yeah, I will say this

When you messaged us at nine in the morning, yeah, that was pretty surprising. I was like, hey, it’s guys ready to go. I think it was like eight something that I did up at six. Yeah, well, I was about six to a small child that bothered me.

Let me sleep.

Coconut water and some ibuprofen. I’ll get rid of the water. Just use coconut water and it won’t bind the two ideas.

That was good ideas this year. So maybe we should talk about why we actually saw that the anniversary party, right? Yes. Yeah,

we drove here yesterday. Yeah.

I had a good time. I can tell you that. And I was surprised. I did not know you guys went and got a pizzeria. Put in your in your brewery so fast. Oh, yeah. I was gonna say When did it happen? When is it going to go live through? Oh, Thursday, two weeks ago? Yeah. I don’t want to get us to Thursday. That’s awesome. We built it in four weeks, man. Yeah, it’s crazy. So let’s move on.

pizza and I’m sorry it’s just it’s beautiful, isn’t it? It’s fucking yes it’s a cherry Apple red. Or a candy apple cherry Apple red. Yeah, that’s any

pictures. Seriously guys, because it’s a lot bigger than it looks in the photos. Oh really? Yeah, it is. That’s what I tell ya

don’t worry just see it in person. Yeah,

I’ll show you next.

So yeah, we pile in the car yesterday to come up here for your anniversary. And it was a good time. How was the drive? You know actually was pretty good because we left like 11 so we don’t get too many much traffic. And then we got sidetracked to go into cottonwood and drinking bunch of wine with his lovely wife. Reporters.

Oh, yeah. Gotta go to Merkin.

I was so busy. I know. The food there is amazing. Yeah, look, Chris was really confused by an the Osteria. Yeah. You couldn’t get past like what that even was listen weird that we were told that we were lowbrow leisure activity inside. I’m not sure what some of those fancy

The terms are like those three as though. Yeah, trying to live up to the hype. Yeah, no idea. Is that is that a flightless bird?


We’re hoping it was an oyster bar but Oh, but it doesn’t mean that

Okay, I got that. I think it’s like it can be that Italian Yeah, I think we’re told it like bite size Italian Yeah. A moose Boucher amuse do she won’t

let them to her name I love it. Yeah.

So yeah, yeah fourth anniversary

so we’re talking about what kind of a so some of the beers we had last night. What was your standout beer Nate that you like cause and effect was super good the second time around like you said, Yeah, I agreed. Right? super good. That was the first time but wasn’t that was the that was the one they smashed rally with ever. So this is the second use fruit. Same beer barrel. Just came back out again. Super cause effect is pretty fitting. Yeah.

Right, the cause of less talking shit was a pie in the face which was the effect perfect that pie went everywhere. Still clean. Oh yeah, we Donny called the Uber like, as she was counting the votes I’m like, I’m like Bonnie Hurry up like we got to get out of here she’s leaving like Uber’s outside. Like let me just tie this to the face

we’re debating I’m 13 to one and I told you guys last night I was gonna say this Yeah, I think he voted for himself so wasn’t shut out. Oh no 13 to one with a skunk wow 10 run rule you would have thought someone just had been like a like you know, we’re throwing them one out of it right now. Obviously DSP is gonna win here. So let’s just put in I tried I did, frankly but yeah, it was too good. Awesome. Biggie Smalls was really really good. The juice juice juice box heroes juice box. Yeah, I know. We can’t help do that. Yeah. box here is was good acid account.

It’s like sad like eight, like 2%. So there’s he’s like juice, right? Yeah.

It was crushed. There were chunks of strawberry floating around. It was awesome. Yeah, it was not. It was not a problem. Yeah,

so yeah. Then the natural past lady.

Funny. That was awesome. It was really weird.

Season my pennies on the table,

which is not very good. Yeah, none shall pass.

Which was crazy because that was it was the 13. Right? It didn’t taste like 13% That was dangerous. Yep. Yeah, there wasn’t the least bit of alcohol detection in that like it was. I thought it was like buttery pancakes.

described it like, that was my favorite 30% I was like, Yeah, I should probably only have one.

We had you were mentioning something interesting. And when I came up to the bar a little while ago, what was your most popular beer from last night? I mean, and I found this to be pretty surprising.

Well, mountains Mosaic, it’s always on time. No matter what’s on tap. It’s great. That’s always on top no matter what’s on tap mountains a mosaic go ahead and get that printed out. That’s a sure thing. Cut All right, we’re gonna know I mean, I think that’s really cool, man because that just shows what a really good beer that is. So make sense. Why is your flagship so super good one. It’s a funny

last year, the third anniversary when we talked about this? Oh, yes, your flagship, its most popular. And it still is. Yeah, that’s cool. Even when you put like, you know, 16 other incredible beers on tap for one night. I mean, I mean, you guys have always a lot of good beer on tap, but for some good ones, especially good ones last night, and just I guess that’s I guess it’s not surprising because it’s a great beer, but it is interesting. Yeah, well, yeah, it’s,

it makes sense. And it doesn’t make sense at the same time. Right? Exactly. You think people come in they’re like, I’ve had like 500 pounds mosaics because I live near here, but that’s like, the most bizarre thing like

why we decided to start this place was like,

I was like barn burned out on people’s flagships and like,

kind of over it. Yeah. And like I still don’t really fully grasp the concept like, seeing that like that still oversold everything last night. It’s wild, right? How many points?

We poured 147 of those by itself thing. Yeah.

Especially when you see like the popularity that likes yellow Spiro God and like, I mean, that’s Oh, man from the valley. That could be a different. Yeah. Dynamic. We don’t know what you flights that people like. like snowflakes. They’re everything. regular stuff. Yeah. And if you’re coming in, you might have a clo, but you’re going to have a clo and then mountain Mosaic, you’re gonna have two, possibly three of them. So that helps her also that you can just sat down a couple of and we’ve actually and that’s why it happened. Yeah, well, we will we actually pulled it away from everybody for a little while.

We haven’t had it on tap. And so it’s kind of like

Finally, absence makes the heart grow fonder. We’re like that crack dealer.


That’s a genius move, though.

Yeah, we do it on purpose.

I swear, we ran out of that on purpose last two months, until someone goes Where’s mountain mosaic?

but usually it’s because you guys like to brew different styles and different beers. It’s not so much. You know, you don’t want to sit here and brew the same thing over and over. Am I right? Exactly. No, not at all. That sounds awful. Yeah.

So over 100 again this year, a lot more a lot more. 200 was 120 620 320

So yeah, hundred 20 so everybody that’s listening that hasn’t of the past episodes. You guys brood over 100 beers every year been open now and even fourth anniversary. So that’s amazing. According to untapped, we’re at 426 Wow. So you’ll be way past 500 by the time

Maybe, I don’t know, your rolls around those sour barrels, I gotta return and those so fast like those in itself are going to be. Maybe we’ll take care of like, at least half the next hundred.

Like I guess that’s a question coming. The

thought behind like dark sky that you get the impression down in like the Phoenix area is before it’s like explaining dark sky it’s like, well what should I get there? Well, I don’t know.

Have you made that like your calling card now? It’s like it’s not going to be the same. So do you find it like how do you remember when we first opened when people would come back in like a week later? And they’re like, Where’s that beer? Yes, drug Ave. Yeah.

Come back in like a week later. Yeah, we’re struggling. It’s gone. Yeah. What do you mean, it’s gone?

We made it. It’s done. We made it. We drank it. Well, you’re welcome coming back. Yeah. I think it’s been our calling card even before we started dark sky. You know, and we were

home brewing. A lot of home brewers are I think a good amount of home brewers go and try to like perfect that IPA or perfect that, you know Pale Ale and stuff like that we never did that. We were doing what we’re doing now from the beginning. And and yeah, it took a definite amount of time for people to get that and it still does and it’s a little bit upsetting to them, but when we throw another pint of something either similar or something that they you know, are going to eventually enjoy and you see their eyes light up and they’re like, Oh, crap, okay, they you know, I’m good. I can come here and find something. Yeah, I hope there’s there’s totally something to be said for just doing limited runs of things and keeping it limited because that that’s awesome. It’s there’s that’s fun, too. It’s like you know, this hasn’t been on for a year leading up to DSP this weekend ASAP.

And that’s not you know, the reason was was just what you said it’s it’s fun for us. Yeah, for sure. Because when we first were doing that, I mean, you know, no, no, like hipster warning or anything like that, like no one else was was

Sitting there producing different beer after different beer after different beer. So it was taking a chance. It wasn’t some awesome marketing scheme or something. Oh, yeah. Yeah,

it’s kind of grown into something. I was

looking me dead in the face and saying you’re fucking stupid.

But he was the one that said that. Yeah. Yeah,

well, him and Alex both said it, but I was like, Okay. And then we saw him a year later at a party in the pines and press kit. And they walked up and with our tap list, and with one of my enemies down there, they hadn’t had it yet.

And I gave them both somebody, they took a drink and they both looked at me and just shake their heads are like you fucker. Like, they knew like we had beat them in some in some way. Like, deep down inside. Yeah, so that that was like, probably one of the most satisfying moments of my life. was like, Yeah,

fuck you guys.

Now they’re like are super good friends, right? Yeah. That’s, it’s great. The way you guys keep things original here really is. So last year’s was a Tiki theme.

There was no this year was Derby. Well, there’s there’s no like day before, right? Yes. It melted time. But yeah, so Derby last night. Yep. inflatable horses.

Interesting. And then did you see our little blowup? horses also? Yeah, okay. Yeah, my daughter wanted one of those

terrible jokes awesome. Oh yeah Kentucky Derby theme had some horses around and a white one deflated about two in the morning last night with a TED on the bar.

Cut off. That’s when the party were done. Everybody go home.

That’s awesome. That next year is Woodstock themed. Your land already? Yeah. We’re going to try and take over the parking lot next door and nice. We’ll see. Because hotel people out you’re trying to build relationships here. Yeah.

I would, I would. Don’t start with that. Yeah.

Step two, eight, not step one.

That’s awesome.

So definitely shooting for 500 beers. I’m guessing for this coming year over Sure why not?

Go 800

get started right now maybe she’s brewing right now so yeah, there you go perfect. Hey Oreo just came out with a ton of flavor so I got to play with that pistachio I get tagged on the daily on that shit Do you probably every new flavor anything it’s starting to get them noxious kind of what you’re saying is we should all tag Yeah, yeah you just put a call out Yeah. Just like my mail my man my hatred for Manet’s

that didn’t know that either. People I’ve never even met just

Yeah, they just they know it now that I’m like

ultra hater.

Like my God, man. No, you’re not a fan. Not Ryan at dark sky brewing com. Send all that. Oh, you really want to get a miracle with Photoshop Photoshop Danzig smearing miracle whip. All over.


there was a there was a time when you were getting a bunch of Danzig Danzig stuff too I don’t know where that came from.

I can Photoshop like a mofo so that’s not a family dude. Yeah, I guess we know what the episode would be, but I think I might have a couch one day. I’m not a fan of Danzig though. I don’t know. I don’t know.

I don’t know how many. But all of a sudden I was just being like, inundated with Danzig means

it’s funny that we are drinking beer by the way. I guess we should talk about that. Yeah, three of us run original. Yeah.

It’s delicious. Yeah. Well, I just got around to like, what I thought was our best IPA. Yeah.

Well, you go. why I chose this number. Yeah. Yeah.

I’m drinking opportunity be knocking. That’s, that’s my drinking too. Yeah.

as well. All right. We got over there, Nick. I have our lime dandelion farmhouse.

3.6% so

Like I said, Yeah land in that that plane this morning dressing softly nice soft landing this morning dandy. It is it is it is Danny we’ve used down line before I think once before and nothing really quite came out but this one it did.

I love this beer awesome. restrict me only only only only

I’m right here.

You’re looking at him.

Do this.

He is favorite movies police academy. Yeah. That should have been our president right there that leaves the creeps in the sweeps.

I don’t know what those are. Completely different movie. That’s baseball baseball. Guy though. Michael Winslow

said to him here for There we go. That guy from those movies. Like we don’t know his name.

Good job. What are you drinking? Right?

terminal equity.

Going a little higher. Yeah, might as well go big. Double. Yeah. And you actually told the story about how that beer was named to. Yeah, we had the soft opening for pizza clutter here and Alex Phillips, who’s the head honcho over at Grand Canyon. He kept saying he didn’t understand how we keep expanding in the same place. He thought we were at a room and we hit terminal equity two years ago. I looked at him like Dude, that is amazing name for appear.

He’s like, Don’t, and we were always were told that his name is Alexander. Alex. Yeah, well, he likes his fancy name be called Alexander. He also hates the government. Well, that’s

okay. It’s okay.

I get us getting credit for one of our big names Alex.

That’s true. Sweet. Sweet.

Oh, good stuff like we probably should get. We’ve heard Ryan’s backstory. We don’t really care about you which I get a little bit

How you gotten this crazy business? How you met this crazy guy or how you ended up here? Yeah, here. I walked around the pizza place and boom. Well my mom met my dad.

Yeah, um, no, I, I

guess I’ll start like about where the where the beer started. Well, the beer started way before you know, we all start drinking beer long, long time ago I had a legal age, right? Absolutely. It was not my dad’s amorello when I was 12. Um, so, loving beer, found craft beer found the heavy hard hitting stuff. Erica bastard was kind of the one that really knocked me into into the craft beer scene. And I was a science teacher, high school science teacher biology teacher and I was teaching fermentation as part of the units like beer. So those kind of started coincide and one day for Father’s Day I got a box a homebrew kit. So I was like, yeah, from

Father’s Day totally gonna be no son of the year boom. We actually didn’t end up making the beer got busy and it sat in a garage and Phoenix for over a year. And I pulled it out one time. Thought it would be still good to make a beer out of ingredients. Yeah,

grains dry yeast. Yeah, so my first my first beer is dry yeast. But I mean the heat um, yeah. 100 degrees. So is a terrible, terrible beer. First one. No, I mean, not terrible enough to where I didn’t force myself to drink it. But it wasn’t like Hey, guys, check this out. Yeah,

you were showing nobody you know? Yeah, here come out. Don’t worry about it. Yeah, we’re still fermenting. Yeah.

months ago. Sorry. I drank it all I did. Oh, yeah. It was so good. Yeah.

Sorry about that. Um, so then started making more sorry to get a little better, a little better at it. I had a buddy Casey who was brewing with me. And we’re just you know, for fun brewing and then

I say that because it changed. Met Ryan Ryan and Laramie through a mutual friend. And Ryan was really interested in the process as well. And so he’s like, Hey, can I bros, you guys? Yeah, awesome. So we start in either my kitchen or Casey’s kitchen.

Ryan comes on the three of us really, at that point start going a little bit more crazy. Bruin quite a bit. We were a five gallon production brewery at one time and I think, yeah, yeah, we’re burning burning enough to supply like tasting parties at one point and in Ryan’s backyard like seven on tap.

Yeah, so eventually it moved to I don’t remember how long before we open but we started brewing in Ryan and Jeremy’s architecture warehouse. And because we just started doing more and more getting the turkey fryer getting all that stuff. So anyway, long story short or long story long. We are sitting around the fire as home brewers do having that one conversation Hey, we should start a brewery and look

People like yeah, and then they just forget about it or laugh it off but no one said no or no one said stop. And it just kind of kept going like you’re kind of waiting for like that like haha that was a fun good idea but it was about modeling this place. I was like that was a bad idea.

At that time Yeah, man, I didn’t even have I was done I just like

but we so and I say this each time it’s it’s not just about you can make the best beer in the world and not be successful starting a brewery. You’ve got to have the puzzle pieces together. And what we had was that we had Ryan with his construction background building pretty much everything you see here, along with Jeff who was an engineer, we still use the keg washer that he built by himself or by hand. Layer me with the business side, they started a business already. And then I had the brewing and the chemistry and biology kind of background. So it just was it just happened to be like that good little team that worked. We didn’t really have to reach out to

Anybody to pull in different parts? It was already there.

So that’s awesome. That’s a completely different story than Breaking Bad. The science teacher that turns into a brewer.

Yeah, yeah. Well that that’d be an interesting life as well that drunken Becca conversation could with a totally Yeah, totally different industry brings cool guys but you want to make some real money.

I’ve got a sweet recipe for some


Now we’re all dead.

So it’s kind of my quick story. Awesome. That’s who I am. That’s good.

You guys wanna take a break? Get some beers and wrap it around with the gun shop. over it again. We’ll put Nick through the rapid round. Perfect. Nice all bring it. Yeah. All right. We’ll be back.

Let’s capture that.

Are you kidding me? And what did they say?

No way. Welcome back guys.

Now I did imagine you hit record now. I did good. All right. We’ve all got new beer. We’ve we were telling stories off the off the podcast so you guys don’t get to hear any of that.

You’re related. Now they know. I mean, they weren’t even good stories. Yeah.

All right. You have some stuff you want to do. And you have some questions, don’t you? Well, what are we drinking? Oh, that’s true. You said he ruined two beers. Yeah, I believe these nice gentlemen gave him a stout and a sour and then he poured them into the same glass like jerks. Oh,

it’s beer. Why not just have fun with it. It’s true. I got it. Last year was here and now I’m doing this year. Fuck you with my neck. Do you agree? That’s fun. Yeah, for me. I don’t have to drink it. I think those are the same words. I said, Would you ever like I want to try that. I’m like, go for it.

Dude, it’s mine. Yeah. Yeah,

he did your wife is walk down the street to know she gave me a county. Oh,

real random stranger. Yeah.

So we have some rapid round. Oh no, we got to get through the

fuck man. We don’t Chris is the bomb and he has a really good memory. Memory. It’s what I’m known for. Yeah What are you drinking? None shall pass. I had to get myself a nice little baby boy here and I’m excited I haven’t even had a sip of it yet try it. Let’s try to see hope it’s not bad. Oh please know

what I wanted to see his What? How do you like it is it? Oh it’s delicious honestly it’s absolutely delicious. smells incredible. So yeah really poor terrible beer. Yeah,

go ahead and mute. mute your headphones real quick and then tell us how you feel. Yeah, Elsa true. No, good, super good.

I can’t talk.

still hear me?

That’s true. So no, I can still hear you.

Yeah this is a nun shall pass is a Imperial stout with toasted coconut hazelnuts and coffee aged rum maple syrup barrels. And that maple syrup is right there in the coffee. Yeah, listen to the show Nate loves reading the back of cans and or descriptions of stuff I don’t love it but he does it. Do you do it?

I love it when I do it all right. What are you drinking your jerk? I don’t know if you’re weird can guys give us our to stout? Yeah, but it’s and they were before you ruin them what beers it’s with a toast my goose toes to the goes. And then I don’t the sound put in there was a rider die which is basically it’s me. I think it’s the first step we’ve ever done without anything in it. Oh, nice. And then Chris Ryan. That was That was perfect for mixing I guess. We put something in.

put something in. It’s delicious. I like it. Yeah, but that’s fine. I miss it. No, you can’t

hear you drive by the mixer. Oh, yeah.

expensive stuff. That’s what we always do.

I don’t know what it’s the it’s a tradition to this point we have to. I felt it appropriate to get the that’s pretty good, which is like shot IPA

last year. This is exactly what happened last year, by the way. I fucking did this Nate called me a fucking weirdo. Then he tried it and he was like, I actually was pretty good. So, yeah, it’s cuz I got Yeah, I know. It is good. I guess.

I got for you, man. That’s my professional opinion of it. Yeah, he tells the truth. Good.

What are you drinking in the felt appropriate to get the bloodshot IPA? Oh, there you go. So

drew it out like that. It was Yeah, well, that’s how it’s written. Okay, it’s actually I up dang brewed with hoppy hash. Yeah,

aka Maui.

AKA Alabama Cush.

AK it’s still really just hops Yeah, just in case which I think

we uh we post a picture ever homeroom like a Jeff and I did we post pitcher It was like he was holding like hops in his hand.

Yeah, we put on Facebook and they fuckin took it down. Oh really? Yeah cuz they thought it was weed. Wow we’re like I’ve seen a lot of weed pictures on Instagram

that’s weird I mean not because I’m searching

I want to see these hashtag we

all right I see someone shitty garden you know

I’m interested in Aqua punish. I just want to know how to clean my yard Okay.

Oh those shoes disposal

What do you guys What are you drinking? I we were talking about mosaic so much I wanted a little bit of bitter in my life so are a lot of bitter in my life. So yeah, with the mountains of mosaic when it’s on tap, it’s on.

Boom, save.


You guys have the Jamaican horn sound you were working on it.

There’s one thing we’re going to add to the show. It’s that

let’s get all the 12 West guys

Army Grand Canyon guys yeah they’re really good at it.

Ryan What are you drinking? tells you the goes

salty Hawaiian Punch. Yes so so tasty

sports drink

got electrolytes and shit. It does Yeah. performance enhancing it’s what the plants crave. Yeah, I could have that for breakfast every day. I’d like a little one of those with breakfast every day your your none shall pass. Yeah, I’d like that should boil it down into like a syrup put on your pancakes and then just go right back to bed. Yeah.

Yes, you can me that glass that size. I just get me going for the day that just make you know lubricate. Yeah.

All right now is the time yes now, right. Nope. No more thing.

That’s why Chris wasn’t talking for last 10 minutes.

Remember what it was called? Oh, there’s an app. Oh, I’m downloading

Yeah, where’s the other ones?

Oh, is that called next life?

That’s weird.

Alright, so now we’re going to talk in anticipation.

like we do in this rapid round, we’re gonna put Nick through the rapid round and he’s so good. We already answered the first question without even knowing. What’s the first question? We will let Nick do it? What’s your name? Do you mean Ryan? I’m sorry. Good lord. Yeah, how much have you had to drink the last 24 hours this hour and start to cobble together really get you ready for me? know we’re going to put Nick through and Ryan can chime in if he wants to.

But like I said, he answered the first question because first question is usually what beer got you into craft beer and you said Oh, yeah, we can bastard are these these are like rapid fire so I’m just No no, they’re not very fast. Sometimes. You don’t

know tend to be very fast.

You’re not on a clock that’s for sure. Oh, damn, that’d be awesome to go with that. What’s your

guilty pleasure wrong? Guilty pleasure beer. Your moped beer. No pet beer.

Let me ask you a question. I really have to answer this. Yes as the owner

Hey, you’re not probably had some good answers. I live right next to sportsman’s which is a gentleman’s club shitty sports bar. Yeah, she dives sports bar. And no, not not the outdoor retail place.

That’s legal $3 specials of Rolling Rock. I’m not a hater of Rolling Rock on draft draft

draft got a lot better. Yeah, yes. When I lived in New Jersey and which is right next to Pennsylvania, and that’s where Rolling Rock was. I’m sure they brew all over the country now but when I moved out here, I drink some Rolling Rock and it wasn’t the same. But yeah, that was a great story. So

it’s one time it was good and then it was a

beer people are are like main demographic though. So that was

A pretty decent story for that oh shit. So it might make the next question hard to answer since you admitted Rolling Rock but what beer would you decline under any circumstance?

under any circumstances

balls like a strawberry


no I wouldn’t. That is actually look to me like no I take a shot with it yeah I

know we’re talking about

still reserves not off the table either strawberry does you were just about to say something about a strawberry to or later natural days.

I haven’t had it yet but it’s like all about it’s it’s hyped up right now. Yeah, lemonade, because you can get like 64 cans in a pack.

Yeah, now it might be it. Yeah, it’s like No, don’t do that.

Under no circumstances just kind of trips me up. Because

thirsty, I’m drinking. Yeah, there’s a lot of

just crawling through a desert. I really realized Light Workers

Light yeah

i mean i don’t like supporting that company whatsoever and I’m but I your fans understand that but I also don’t want to die so yeah, no not not usually you know you’re thirsty thirsty you’re gonna drink Dion’s a bad ideas about you you know what i really really don’t like his coronas I don’t like coronas I there’s something I fan No, yeah, I’ve lost can actually feel that I used to like by a pool but right it’s I’ve lost it. That’s one that I just had to tell him that that wave pool that it was at random pizza port did it was a Mexican lager and that thing, I’m the same way I was like, I should crush brothers. And I’m like, now I can’t do it anymore. But I had one of the witches for because I did a they did an IPA version of it and then actually did Mexican lager. They were both called white school. So I was like, Oh, you’ve tried the IPA might look like a Mexican lager, and actually was really good. Yeah, they’re really clean loggers, though. Yeah, I liked it. I liked it. I like Mexican loggers a lot. We did one called verano A while back and that used can be delicious, right. Just because the cockiness that reboot

He’s an all builders over the


Yeah, yeah, yeah. So yeah hard question but there’s a couple answers for you all right, she’s one of them so these are not fast. No, I don’t know why they call it rapid round because there’s nothing wrapping around it not even the way he the way he’s not asking you quickly you’re not quickly here make gotta make sure you go go.

Rapidly get off subject. Yeah, there you go. Right here. This one will make rapid you have 10 seconds to answer this. 10 seconds.


There was no wrong answer. Still got it wrong. Describe the Arizona beer scene in three words go 10. Okay.

No, See, this is why it’s not rapid gay. You’re amazing community growing so he did it. Okay, fine. They didn’t have any. I was so excited about that answer. And everyone just got quiet when I said that was awesome.

perspective on sec. Yeah. Okay.

Well, it was so good. We all had to think about it. That’s the adjective and noun. And I was I was counted a number of words he said, That’s why he said, Do you think it’s still growing at the same clip? It was a year or two ago? Uh, I think. Yeah.

In a lot of senses. Yeah, it is. Yeah. I don’t know like numbers. Sorry, disagree but new stack, you know, your your opinion. Okay. Yeah. So subjectively, not necessarily like looking at numbers of like growth and breweries open? Absolutely. I think we’re growing. I think we’re learning so much from each other. Even I think even more so right now. But it’s it’s a quieter growth. Kinda. I feel like there was a big, big kind of boom, going on maybe like two years ago or so. Yeah. But now we’re we’re maturely growing. Absolutely. I don’t know if that makes any sense at all. Oh, absolutely. Yeah, I think. Yeah.

It’d be interesting to do the numbers haven’t looked at it in a while about like, you know, how many years

month or per couple months are opening up and but you know, growing in the, in the sense of, of,

of quality of understanding the market better and really starting to make actual moves towards that instead of just like I’m throwing this out I don’t know why, you know,

we’re going to become this kind of very this kind of group but understanding what’s working and not what’s not working by talking to each other. That’s I think we do pretty well here in Arizona is talk to each other and discuss and a lot of collaborations and a lot of work together. Yeah. Yeah, no, so we’ll do a couple more

that’s why it’s my rabbit because I want to talk to him about cut you off.

I think that’s a great subject because i don’t know i

talking to people, you know, the the scene here was so out of state influence. People will drive to California and go get their hype beers and like nobody really were paying attention to like what we’re doing. So I think I think all of us were playing catch up to like what was happening over there.

And I think we finally caught up and people are starting to realize that we’re making as good a beer if not better than what’s coming out of the hype machine. That’s LA and San Diego. And then in between that, we’re now understanding that we are good at what we’re doing. If there was a little bit where we were probably, you know, producing, like you said, like these great, amazing quality beers, but we didn’t almost have that confidence. So we still were looking abroad. And now we’re like, you know what, actually, these guys just produced a kick ass, you know, farmhouse and I want to talk to them about what about what they’re doing. And so we became more confident in the last year to make sense, man, you guys are you guys are doing your thing up here firmly. So a couple months ago, we got treehouse from our buddy. He was there fresh can firsthand. Fresh. Good. He stood in a line that I don’t know. I don’t know how much you’d have to pay me to do it. Stand. Those lines are stupid. Have you seen the new Eve I’m sure you’ve seen a photo of their new facility. The line is wrapped.

It’s you know, and it’s a five why they still sell all that beer out of that facility. It does not leave, right? That’s not you know, in people’s cars, especially since the next thing Chris is gonna tell you. I mean, so we did a show, and we tried all of them, and we did not like any of them.

It was great. It was good. It’s not even that they were bad or they were just

freaking out right now. They’re looking slamming fridge doors. there’s a there’s a rage quit about to go

fuck you guys. I’m gonna know this shit.

Yeah, it was like it was the green it was the Julius it was the haze. It was like the big guys. It was a good selection. And like I said they were all fresh. I mean, they warmed once afterwards, but like crazy. So so to that token, do you feel like we’re all spoiled now with breweries like tombstone and played with Vito making what they’re making? Exactly. And an opportunity, you know, and he like beers like that he would leave to go get a beer like opportunity. Yeah, but now they don’t have to the net they don’t need to go anywhere else and then we talked on the show. It is on

Because it it’s it’s super true though, you know, I, I you know it that’s the thing. It’s, it’s really cool. And like,

like 10 IPAs that we thought that were in from Arizona that were way better. Oh, yeah. People should be claimed like he just said, I think it all clicked with everybody last year. We’re like, yeah, we’re doing it and it’s better. Yeah, it’s it’s fun to go to California, but I haven’t gone in years. For beer alone, right? Yeah. And I used to do that. I mean, we used to we used to haul ass up the noble for some cans, and it’s like, we just don’t need to do anything like that anymore. Yeah, we can get great IPAs right here. And and lots of other beer that people need to realize. Yeah, sounds delicious, sour stout. Yes.

It’s kind of cool to see that breakdown to like, like, the first thing is like you’re traveling for it. The second thing is the kind of cognisant understanding that we are we do have it here. And now that third step is because what you just said, You’re not no longer going there. And so for it, you find it here. That means whoever you know and you’re posting and all that stuff is going to start to spread Yeah.

So it’s like you used to pull it from here. And then that little light kind of goes on here in Arizona and now that light is going to start to spread. And that light is going to smell good. It’s just a lot of good beer. Yeah up here and it’s just crazy and it’s it’s been cool communicating with these guys to like Goldwater Rittenhouse Tombstone, like hanging out with them. Like we all get it now. Yeah, it’s it’s very exciting for all of us. And, you know, it’s not like growth and numbers, but its growth and confidence and yeah, knowledge. Yeah, just just being smarter about what we’re doing and understanding like what people want. Yeah. Do you think some people do in the middle can get fans out there? It’s helped a lot to get the word out. Bill, Bill. Yeah, I’m back and forth in the community. Yep. I think so. And, you know, we do bottle releases from time to time and when we when we hot, you know,

is that coming through the microphone? Oh, yeah, we it’s on there, but it’s okay. Yeah. Somebody in the fridge to get back. I think somebody would got really confusing you told them they were going to be


getting a running start

like karate come to

last night’s party they

stuck in there.

Oh, hey.

So we’ll do a couple more. And we’ll This is one of our newer ones. So we’ll open it back up to Ronnie. What What’s your favorite customer? You should do this. bad or good? Good. Well, that’s a good question. Is that is that a new one? I heard that.

I don’t do the show. We had a guy poke his head in the brewery. Like when we first started, he’s like, Hey, man. How’s this backwards? I like I didn’t know if he was fucking with us. But he was dead. Serious and I was like, holy shit. I just took a sip of beer.

Classic. Was he like we’re both of us. Were just like, okay.

I definitely went and checked. Like, wait, what? That guy sounds like he knows what he’s talking. Oh for sure. Was he like you need to check your sky hooks? your blinker fluid?

I don’t know. So I don’t know if that was like you should but that was pretty annoying.

All your hoses are backwards. What the fuck is this guy talking about? He got away with it too. We didn’t like we’re

like thanks me I was so dumbfounded by that comment, like, no, come back. I was like, Okay. It probably was a guy with the driest sense of humor.

You know, I mean, yeah.

He Yeah. He walked away. chuckled guy walked around the corner. He got one that one

that was really early. Yeah, we were that weird. I don’t know why. Number we’re Yes.

Like, hey man, our confidence is already

Kind of rock.

Where are you trying to figure this shit out over you? Did you hear

this wrong whole time?

beers don’t have any alcohol or

anything else like you guys.

Negative 8% I don’t know like

we got a lot of complaints because he and I like love IPAs. There was a point where we had like four or five beers on tap and for IPA. Oh, you jerks. But somebody gave us a real shitty one star review and like, Oh my gosh, I’d like I wish I could get a job putting those people down and now we have 17 beers on tap like everything you could possibly Yeah. And you know, that’s almost purposeful because of that comment, like, Yeah, of course. I saw untapped reading their day and it was like I could drink this all day. This was amazing. Restart. Yeah.

I track them down to you see that

Do you want to hurt these people? I just like to bring them out and put them in like, Why do you say that? Listen, delete there. I have the best one. I don’t know if you saw if I sent it to everybody but this guy gave Magnum pills half a cap. So it tastes like cat piss. Then drink wide awake right behind it gave it four and a half and he said it probably is a five. But because I had kept his beer before this.

I’m sorry if those people were sitting next to you. There’s no way they’d say these things. Yeah, you don’t. I mean, it’s just like, that’s why I want to track them now because I’m gonna be like, tell me why Really? I’m not naming names, but I’ve called the dude out in person in here. Good. Yeah, that’s so good. I’m so glad to know that. Yeah. Now those internet muscles really good people. Yes. So tough on that keyboard. I have my own homebrew setup at home and make the most badass IPAs. Listen. Yeah. Yeah, we did too. And then we opened the bucking brewery. We did so many ladder. You should call me later when you open. That was my question. I was like, Well, you could ever gonna open a Verizon No, probably not. Right.

Please Please stop using your mouth yeah

that just shut that thing so what’s left on the infamous and rabid rabid was this round the last one is while it’s been been around for years so what have been some of your oh shit moments like from opening or stuff that didn’t work out or did work out where you just were like oh shit oh shit moment there’s one time this guy came in and sat her back

that was a good oh shit moment Yeah, we almost exploded the HL t on like our session today yeah i was like what’s that noise

oh crap

yeah we almost

imploded the HL t on day two

so that would have set you back for four years old right if we survived yes somebody would have died

scalding hot exploding water. Yeah,

no, that would have been a good one. hydrostatic pressures real son of a bitch.

Yes at word.

I you know, I get that question before and it’s hard to come up with you know, I mean we’ve we’ve had a good run there’s not I mean there’s every brewery has a story of yeah plugged valves that almost explode or this or that or like hot water you know that like scalding water is almost burned do stuff like that.

But yeah, I can’t really think of like too many like, Oh shit, we’re fucked. Not to me. Yeah, no, seriously, it’s all

good one bad karma. We’ve talked about one and this will kind of bring us out of the rapid round of the whole no more dogs in the brewery. Yeah, that was

that was the ultimate Oh shit. Yeah, that sucks. wasn’t pretty confident that we come out of that but like there was definitely in the back of all of our heads. We didn’t really talk about it that much. But in the

Basketball our heads were like, Fuck Yeah.

Because that was and you know, it sucked a little bit is I got a lot of responses on either Google reviews, you know, Yelp, untapped all this stuff or even just straight emails of people being like, upset at us about it and look at us like, right we didn’t want everyone to know we didn’t make like it was a personal choice. Yeah, we were leaving. I was sitting at the bar at hops from meathead from these people just rating, Nick and I unlearned me for what we did no way. We’re sitting there and I was like this motherfucker. Yeah, like I stay quiet. But I was just like, shaking my head. I’m like, if this is happening, like two feet away from us, like what’s going on? Like, every place in town, like what are they saying about us personally, like, Yeah, I just want to be like, dude, I didn’t do shit. Like, blame the state health code, right? Like, there was nothing we could do. Like we were hopeless. Yeah, yeah.

And that that makes that’s what makes the toughest because that initial opinion are like, Oh, this was their decision. It’s literally if we ignored it.

Loud dogs in here we got caught we’d be shut down yeah yeah and I don’t know yeah cuz that would be a great business decision to yeah such a dog friendly city like like step you know we want nothing to do with dogs Hey guys got our what is when

somebody tries to go that was just decked out like the Batmobile of

people like crossing the country that come through here that guy might be had a lot of orange cnet’s signs on him

yet you know that sucks. I can’t imagine telling off a brewer and then trying to go back to that brewery.

Anyone You want more? Let me bring my dog and your brewery anymore.

When’s blood con? Yeah, I’m really looking forward to the next release though.

I said you want to try it right now?

I’d like you guys too much.

Yeah, that was those tough times. Oh, you know what you do what you do you know, when I was a teacher

They said you know adapt or die and so we did we expanded our patio yeah we got a sweet patio out back plenty of room yet we decided they’re going to do that then Okay, we’ll just straight up put food in here anyway. got pizza club in here and yeah, and it’s still you know there’s a good sized Patty on the back for the dogs we still support so that dog foundations like through events and stuff like that. Well that’s super interesting. So this is kind of like almost you guys’s response kind of like if we can’t have dogs in here we might as well get legit food beta. Yep, yeah, I mean that’s that was i know i know but after but yeah, absolutely. But even if that factored in isn’t even a little bit that’s all it was kind of hard to stick it back to the man. Yeah, dude.

We’re gonna just straight up produce food out of here that really not have a reason to show them. Now well, it’s good to discuss. It’s good.

Don’t do that. That’s it’s just kind of good to discuss, I think because I think from the outside looking in. That could be like, Oh, they added a pizza place. So now we can’t have dogs in here. It’s like no, that’s not how it went down. I’ve definitely got

Clearly not how it went down and I think that’s kind of important to discuss because it’s like, yeah,

we’re not selfish in that right? You just were like, okay, we can have dogs All right, well, let’s get some food in here then. Screw it like what else are we supposed to do? All of us have basically all of our life savings into this thing. Like there’s no turning back now like either we make it work or we quit. Can’t really quit because then you know, yeah, that’s a lot of stainless steel for the density in there. Somebody’s going to come knocking eventually, giant ass pizza ovens and you know, not only like that side of it, but I mean, we employ employees. 18 people. Yeah, exactly. A great living and live in a really cool place. And they love being here. Like, yep, that’s me is can’t end for for a dog. No. And we love dogs. And that’s an amazing thing. It’s like, that’s a wonderful thing about the community here. But you know, it’s not like they can’t come down here and still have a beer with a dog. Yeah, Joe the patio. Yep. Yeah.

Next one, Eddie, or is that it? Was that it for the transition? Oh, okay. Good transition. Good notes.

Yeah, we’re gonna go we’re gonna go here. We’re gonna go out from here. More about the pizza stuff. So I mean, last year we actually, when we had it, we talked about the third anniversary. We actually you guys just got a food truck. Yeah.

And now we’re here you later and now you have pizza. How did that happen? Like, why did we go from a food truck to pizza? So it was this crazy chain of events that happened it was the health department coming in here saying we can’t have dogs, right. Well followed was Larry and I were running the food truck and we had just fucking had it. Yeah. Like it was it was ripping all of us away from doing what we are good at, which is making beer and not a fun business to run it. No, it was not. I mean, like,

it was fine. You know, I mean, it was it was quote unquote, profitable, like it maintained itself but just dealing with staff issues and repairing the truck every day like it was killing us mentally and physically. I was like,

fuck it, like just get that thing out here like an ice ice. I will stand by this comment forever. Fuck food. We’re never doing

ever again. I’m fucking so over it. One week later, I go on a big bike ride with Brian. He used to run the front of house of pizza at the other location. And he just starts asking me the same questions you guys do like what will happen will happen with the dogs will have on food truck and I told him like fuck boot I fucking hate it. We’re fucking done. And he’s like, Hey, you know, Caleb has has an extra pizza oven, right? I was like, Oh, yes. Like,

tell me more. He’s like, just send him a text like see what he says? You know, I texted Caleb and I was like, Look Dude, you can tell me to pound sand and fuck off right now the like, what do you think about putting the evident dark sky? like sweet want to be Monday


we started those talks in like January, I think. And it was there was a lot of like, stuff we had to discuss with like the layout here what we had to move and what was what it was going to take. But we signed the lease. The sublease with them March forth. And then the soft opening was April 15. That’s awesome shift. So we turned it all more weeks and a couple days.

And it looks great here. It looks great in the spot. It looks like it was meant to be here looks like you guys plan it from the start. So yeah, that’s uh, when they did it just didn’t tell anybody. Yeah.

We had this great little little I mean, I it fits right in the center of the room. I mean, it looks really good. I figure almost because of its open. Oh, it is wild. Crazy. It is kind of like it seems like you guys didn’t lose a lot of rooms somehow. No. Yeah.

Very brewery. Yeah. So yeah, like we squeeze tip Yeah, pretty good. Mix, like where I hang out lost a lot of room. But that’s so it was funny. We we moved the tanks once. And I was like,

all right. I started building this wall the tiles on with the window at it. Yeah. I was like,

Fuck you. But we need like two more inches. And Tiffany wasn’t working that day. I was like, I’m gonna move these tanks. She won’t even notice. She comes in the next morning and I am not making this shit up. She’s like, something’s moved.

How did you know?

This is not the same



I talked her off the cliff I was like it’s gonna be okay I swear

there’s three more tanks coming we’re gonna figure out what

I’m just kidding there

we have no more Yeah, they fit this in perfectly even with the coloration like instead of going bright white they went with the dark tile and yeah people have said just that they’re like it looks like this has been here the whole time. Yeah, it just fits well the whole little area they have there just fits well they Caleb and James like they’re in here like Uber focused like their detail is insane. Yeah, they’re on it those guys like that’s the landing out and like mapping out this that it was cool to watch them work. And then Ryan and Tim jumping in and doing the construction with them. It was just I mean no one does that as fast as they did. No one Yeah. It’s It’s fun to sit at the the pizza bar right there and just watch customers come in, stare at it and their words are always when the fuck did that happen?

Yeah, still happening. And I was like, the gift and the curse like, yeah, sure we got it open super fast, but nobody even knows what’s going on in here. Yeah, yeah. What’s up? Michael Keaton, where they’re building the cars and like, they’re not even finished yet. Like gung ho. No. That’s like our movie with Michael Keaton when I built the cars, is it? Yeah. I don’t think I’m multiple.

Please don’t argue. Michael Keaton movie. Sorry. Yeah.

No, he’s like, sitting there like pretending to shine the windshield. No windshield.

Trying to pass any connection or like get funding or Adam in the engine bay. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Went up super quick. And you see, like, I mean, there’s a lot of construction and expansion going on with new locations and stuff. It’s like, How the hell did coming in here? And seeing like, the progression of it’s like, How the hell did they get this done that fast and it looks like this like it looks amazing in here. It’s terminal equity man.

We may never hit it. Hi.


I just gotta go up. Yeah, room to go. Yep, yeah it’s uh it’s awesome. It’s a pretty epic combination. It is. Yeah, yeah pizza and beer Who would have thought I pizza beer but more so DSP and these guys pizza

in my opinion that this is something like the best food in the entire state yeah and it’s shocking me that it’s like those meatball sandwich oh oh my god I didn’t get a sandwich I had a breeze nice to dude I mean yeah oh my gosh we got one he got one you got one you get one yeah we

got my chair that wasn’t How was Let’s be at the party everybody what’s up


everybody here there’s a meatball sandwich right that

was funny like we drove separately up here we we all met up here for the party and like obviously we’re here to for the anniversary party to drink beer and do the podcast and the first thing we

Y’all mentioned was like, Did you see the pizza sandwich on the way up? Yeah.

It was nuts. The talk and drew was already happening. Yeah. So I got a question to follow up on that. So you said like, I’m done with the food truck. We’re not doing this. So Nick, what was your reaction when he’s like, okay, we’re putting a pizza. Like,

what do you went from?

to it? Now we’re gonna put in a pizza oven. Like, you guys like butt heads on stuff like that, or is it just like, No, I mean, this idea is just, plus, I know, I know. Ryan felt the frustration of the food truck. Like pretty early into it. Um, but I immediately when when Ryan Laramie said they were taking over the food truck, I was like,

yeah, have fun with that. Because they took it over personally like dealing with food I know dealing with food is it’s a crazy crazy. So ya know, this right here. I mean, hey, we’re talking to Caleb and that was all that was said. Like in the TechStars

Or something like that we’re talking to Caleb. And and now in my heart just like like Grinch grew it was like

five guys say yeah, it did. Yeah.

So I mean they piece of clutter has a reputation you know, not only personally but with this town. Yeah that it’s just a no no brainer. Good food. It’s great and the people’s all right yeah, it doesn’t suck. That’s a good way to put it. Yeah.

I just yeah, it’s something to put in your belly while you’re drinking a beer and I’m happy for you guys because I feel like that’s only gonna make you guys just you guys only have room to grow from here even if you don’t have room literally

literally go up

eventually we hope so. Yes, yeah the structure of the roof is not there. Okay but or else we

structure the roof is all right. It was right. Yeah, we’d be up there. But yeah, coming in the next dare I say five years ago there’s room in the basement

Yeah, no well the Alamo has a basement.


I like that you guys are just still running the same dark sky brewing though. You know, I like this is what the same the same brewery Have you haven’t felt the need to expand which I’m sure you probably could have if you wanted to win as popular as you are up here and I see a lot of breweries making that second and third brewery and I just don’t I that’s one thing I don’t understand. And especially when they’re like five miles away, we actually had this conversation with the with a local guy last night real I think we made a mad, whatever, let’s not, let’s not let’s go get a drink. I think everybody’s kind of low on their beers.

will actually get back into that we have a few more things we want to talk about and then close up. Okay, perfect. back.

We’re back. We’re back and missed another great story on

We’re back just like the baby on the founders breakfast. Yeah, he’s back.

I feel good. I’ll be back later and I’m able to recall it. It’ll be fine. It’s like how do you do do

you say Don’t forget a towel.

Does a worst character.

Don’t forget to bring a towel. Sarah Tammy

All right, quick. What are we drinking? Great, Chris. I’m drinking that you’re not crying?

What am I may go Yeah.

terminal velocity. Nate. What do you do terminal velocity.

Velocity me Oh, yeah, he he

started out of planes. Yep, a big fan of him. That’s why I said it. Sorry. Come swooping in with his butt cheeks hanging out. I

know, maybe going so fast. They start flapping. That’s how you know you

Hit terminal velocity

watch a completely different movie with guy’s butt cheeks flapping

Alright, sorry touched on my name What do you drink? I just laughs or my fucking head hurts.

I’m trying to mosaic because it’s so pretty. It tastes so good I’m not I’m not surprised so good when it hits your lips it touches it yeah

Brian I got some barley wine Yeah you do I’m channeling my john rally right now hashtag Big Joe. I should have grabbed some and now we get to tag him in the game right now.

Now we get to tag them in this episode anytime we mentioned him it’s really weird that we always mentioned john rally in all our episodes. He was the shit happens we have like hello. We love those guys. Yeah, he’s not when they came here and he We had so much fun that was like that was filtered.


NyQuil I am drinking little baby oh yeah did for your first like a little princess pint

Biggie Smalls because so good with all this other stuff stuff that we released I forgot how much I love this beer it’s a really good one yeah I’m had it before last night yeah love it we got some great compliments on that one last night yeah that was shocking to me because we had I mean the barrel aged stuff alone I thought was just gonna overshadow everything and when you’re on the patio awesome

thanks warm my soul sir

and I’m drinking. Oh yeah we got it Oh nice. Yes which we didn’t we haven’t mentioned the bottles that you guys released your anniversary party and we were talking about that why didn’t they do four bottles for four years but you did right you had to pull one for

Remember beer? Yeah, it was but there was more beer. We had four on the table. And we just like ran out of time. I didn’t care to do what was the point? I was tired. What was the member beer we missed out on? We didn’t Well, it was on draft. It was our draft you had it was but you can’t get a bottle. Yeah. Oh, none shall pass. Yeah, it was delicious. That’s an awesome bottle. Nice. Yeah. Oh, yeah, we have a we have an imperial stout and I’ll a scotch barrels it’s tasting fucking rad. Nice. But uh, sorry. I’m grappling over here. I love I love scotches are my heart’s desire. The PG or the better. So no, shut. I’m sorry. I apologize. I mean,

shut on a podcast. Shut the fuck up. Now, if you saw my eyes, I was like, Oh shit. I’m sorry.

Listen, you just yelled at him like that old lady. I’m sorry.

Then you said the Peter.

You’re the better man. That’s just wild to me because I mean, I’ve had some PD ones and it’s just, it’s too much. I hate it. He’s the only one around here that enjoys it really hits like a certain level where I’m just like, it just makes me want to vomit. Yeah, like I’m drinking swamp water. Yeah, I’m drinking dirt and smoke. Yeah, I’m just drinking. Drinking.

I’m drinking beer piss. A glass full of suck. Yeah, don’t don’t let it ruin your next beer after that. You’re getting me a little excited with

that is disgusting.

Hey, that’s cool. Yeah, I like the sound of that. That’s good. I don’t honestly like I didn’t think I was going to enjoy this beer. We ordered the scotch barrel because he’s so into it. I was like, I guess we’ll try fine. And it was good dude. I am like stoked on how it’s tasting because it’s like the perfect amount of like sweet chocolate with.

It’s really nice balance. Sweet. I think it could be balanced the other way a little bit more, but

Good morning. That big goal yeah no these barrels actually that we got in in that

shipment or whatever came with it they were very wet and so they had a lot of the liquid still left over in it. Turn it over put in a mason jar and that scotch that was left over and there was barrel proof. scotch Yeah, take it home, right. I

am bad ass liquor cabinet.

Hey, what’s your mason jars? Haha Just kidding.

That’s in the basement. Yeah, we’re gonna get some more coming. Okay, just like Pee Wee Herman going like yeah, we’d like to see your basement sir.

Some authorities like TTP

no basement and dark sky.

Okay, I’m gonna shut up. All right. Just before we left the TTP doesn’t listen to this


except for some United Kingdom organization.

Listen to this ship.


Just before I went to break we were talking about like multiple locations expanding and I just think it’s really nice. You guys are right here. I mean, I’m sure you’ve had the opportunity. I’m sure you’ve thought about it. I’m glad you have it. Because it’s just I don’t know, I think there’s something to be said for just opening a brewery running that brewery and bringing people to that brewery instead of finding an opportunity to make five within a 20 mile you know,

radius I love they love them to stop I mean, I’m going to talk shit for a second love fate think the great not trying to rhyme but you know, you know they just made a name for Yeah, they’ve opened like three now I think they’re gonna open up another one that’s like five miles away from the other one and I’m just like, what the lock is one in Tempe looks ridiculous. Yeah. Ridiculous. Like a huge, gigantic Yeah.

I don’t say. So here here. Here’s my here’s my take on what you just said. Please. I keep

I can’t speak for him, but I know he’s probably thinking the same thing. Three barrel problems are enough. I don’t want 30 barrel problems and so God

God I bet man, and here’s the deal like the IPA that you’re drinking right now and that he has and that you know, we’ve all had. How old? How old are they before they get on that week? Yeah two weeks old. That’s fucking awesome. Fresh. That’s so important. And then I think that should be so important to so many people. That’s what I keep saying to these guys like your your quality slipping dude. Like every time it sits on a shelf, who knows how warm it’s been? Or like,

you know, it wasn’t a hot ass truck for two hours. Yeah, Phoenix in July when it’s 175 degrees. Yeah, it’s and it’s a lot of work ahead of time. To be able, you don’t just make more beer. You don’t drive a car in the middle of the desert. You need to build a road first and like we don’t really necessarily were self distributed. You’d have to get like your distribution down super great. And like it’s

But I think it comes back to what you said about bringing people here. That’s what we want to do. And that’s my go to answer when I go and distribute. I’m we’re giving kegs here. And they’re like, oh, man, it’d be great if you guys were here all the time. And you should play this place. Oh, like we thought about right. And that’s good that you, but we want you to come experience us. That’s what we’ve always been about. I mean, look around, you know, this place, you know, let me put together such a gorgeous space that like, we want to show that off. You know, we want to we want to have guests. Yeah, we would like to Wow, you guys. Wow. That is amazing. Like, yeah. Plus, Chris has always mentioned this, like, the historic aspect of downtown Flagstaff in the area. It’s so fun. Like, there’s so much to do that atmosphere creates a completely different dynamic. Yes, it’s like being in a strip mall. Or like so what’s what’s funny is Justin Evans just bought hops on birch and he’s gotten like a good taste of what Flagstaff is all about. Yeah, he came in here trying to like, you know, do what he does, and he’s amazing at it. But he’s like, he’s

Texas music What the fuck is going on up there man like Welcome to Flagstaff? Yeah,

what’s wrong with you hippies? It’s, it is a different place. It is an absolutely different place. Is there challenges with that with like being historic with these bars like that historic aspect? Like you can’t just knock down walls? knocked down the tree? Oh, yeah, we can’t do shit without getting it past the city. And because we’re in the historic corridor here.

Our building was built in 49 I think so it’s not super old. I know Sutcliffe started 44. Yeah, so this came right after? Oh, this part? Yeah. Yeah.

Which is funny to say that’s historic when you like

yeah, saying it’s like it’s an old joke. You know, like, so if we did anything we have to like run it by the historical committee. And I guys he’s something cool guys. I was gonna say some probably a really nice guy. Yeah, he’s fun to work with. The work is a challenge for sure.

This gives you guys perspective, right? Like four years versus like the history of the railroad. Yeah. That was Bill it’s like, it’s kind of humbling. I would assume. I grew up in the West. I’ve never been further east than Denver. So like, I have no idea what it’s like to be in a city that’s 200 years old or whatever. Crazy. Yeah. Mozart Yeah, we’re gonna forget a friggin a friggin

yeah so we’d like to bring people to this town we like to have them visit don’t don’t move here

come visit okay. Yeah, Edward Abbey said everyone wants to be the last immigrant but we there is Yeah, there’s challenges black South Absolutely. You know, giant metropolis of Phoenix. There’s things that can definitely be done down there that we have to work our asses off to get done up here. And and and things we’ve discovered are not gonna happen up here. But I mean, look around it’s friggin worth it. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, guys done a great job. I just think it’s I think it’s a nice it’s refreshing to see a successful brewery stay where were they

Yeah, good. And that was awesome. I think that was there’s been point number one for us for a long time was like, just stay the course you see some breweries that get successful, like sweet. Where’s our second location and like we keep throwing the idea around like it keeps getting put on our yearly goals like teen barrel brew house and I just I stress so hard, ya know?

I love it if we cut scene like in next week we announced it Yeah, no, no, I promise you that. To that,

you know to that effect. I think the that can be done right. Like I think I think it’s kind of cool. How

superstition meter is going to do it. That’s a full size restaurant. They’re not doing the same thing. They’re doing something different. Yeah. You know, they’re going they’re going huge in Phoenix.

I think downtown Phoenix, Arizona wilderness is kind of site because they’re doing something totally different. They don’t do just taps at the at the main place. They do all kinds of guest taps now. So I think there’s a way to do it. Right. But I just think it’s super refreshing to see a really successful brewery. Stay right at home. What you just said about what they’re doing. I think it’s

You focus on not what can this new community I’m moving into do for me but what I can do for that community is where you’re going to have success just like I said, downtown Flagstaff or downtown Phoenix sorry. Going into there and contributing something good. Oh, yeah. isn’t a yard up. Yeah, good. I remember 10 years ago like, just didn’t go down right.

Now it’s beautiful. Like there’s some really cool stuff going on down there. Like the theaters are amazing like the stuff that like they’ve done the Van Buren and yeah, like everything around it, like, you feel super safe. Like you can walk around and not like, like, Oh my god, I’m about to get beat up for my wallet. Yeah,

absolutely. First Fridays in the friggin farmers markets down there and stuff. Yeah, it’s really that’s awesome. Yeah, so I think goddamn white people. My right


is a really good way to do it. And so either way, I like the way you guys run your business. Yeah.

I mean, I I’ve always been enamored by those like

super popular like

cool kid breweries that like they’re so far off the beaten path. Like I think there’s something to be said for how cool that is, you know, people travel to you. Uh huh. Your brain when we first started we were like huge fans of short spring. They’re like, way up there in Michigan like you got to drive really long ways to get to it. Like Hill farmstead, regard, they’re all the same, like you got to go way out of your way there and really, teeny tiny towns. Yep. And that’s cool. If you can, you know, if you can somehow muster people’s enthusiasm, come see you. Yeah, you can freeze your ass off and try to drive to Maine for fuck sake. Look at tombstone. Yeah, seriously been there? shockingly. As a result of that brewery? Yeah. So I asked Matt, I was like, why did you put a brewery all the way down here? He’s like, I pay $6,000 a year and property tax.

That’s his overhead or I thought it was crazy. He paid cash the building and that entire lot. Holy cow. That’s why their IPAs are so cheap. That’s pretty

They they have zero overhead down there. They own everything. That’s wild. They own

the house and the lot next door to them is for sale and I was like how much dude 65 grand

for the entire thing. Holy cow is gonna he’s gonna die. Yeah just your next location is fucking tombstone.

That would be awesome.

Like Okay guys, we got some really sweet news for you. I know you guys want to see us in Phoenix and you know what we decided we will open a second location in Tombstone, Arizona.

Like Greer,

way to get to. Yeah.

I like that. All right. We got a couple important things to cover, right. Oh, yeah. The moist sponge.

So I don’t Yeah, Nick. Nick wasn’t there but I don’t know Brian. Remember?

Our beer collaboration? Oh, yeah. You have the name boys range, we think in a brown ale right?

Definitely looks like

big big is gonna put the kibosh on right now No, no, no, it was a good idea to make it work after drinking West is like 35% barley wine whatever that was. Yeah barley wine makes you do crazy things face wine. Ice Wine that’s what it was there was ice one nice It was delicious. That sounds Yeah, yeah boy sponge I actually saw

it and I was like oh, I did too. I looked like I hate that

Alright, so we’ll keep that in the chamber will work on you know another word that’s bad is nosh. nosh. voiceprint I like not just fine. It makes me think I’m he makes me makes me want to get food. It’s time to not shipping. He was close. We had another one that I cannot remember. nosh was that she’s like, I hate that word. Like I kind of do too. I hate it more than voice and I can’t let the media limit that was okay.

That one just sneaks up on you.

Phantom I see a phantom carriage sticker here love that. Yeah places. Yeah, so fun. We watched the worst horror movies best slash best career we were all so drunk we were in that room just like cheering on the brain it’s a 1980s like B movie horror flag there’s a ball it was a giant meatball with with things you know. MST three k on it. Sorta Yeah, yeah, I was gonna say what I have hands or I love man what it was that was like the worst. What’s the worst know the war? It wasn’t the birds was another one from a there’s a guy a

good guy in Texas that created a movie that’s kind of like the birds. But he was like a shoe salesman in Texas. And they’re like, Oh, it’s the end of the world and they’re gonna side of the road and cars are just passing them by.

It was an atmosphere k was so good. Nice. I love that. Yeah, yeah.

Actually with the Phantom cares with your good buddy Alex.

No they are in the new l Yep.

They don’t get Yeah. Like we’re going there so you guys to see. Let’s do this. Yeah Nick had never been to LA I was like dude we have to go. So we took him to monkish and watch some kung fu Oh yeah, listen to hip hop and then went over to Phantom carriage and watch shitty horror movies and there. There were two reasons we should have gotten kicked out a monkish, but we didn’t. Yeah, well the one Oh crap, I just called myself.

Alright, we’re going to go ahead and explain this. So Phantom characters really could be watched. So that so the monkish walking is pretty famous, like people taking photos of their beers in front of it. And there’s no other brewery stickers on that on that walking

through a sticker on it. he hopped the chain, threw it on there. I don’t even know what was going on. I was like, he’s like, yeah, they’re like five minutes ago.

There may be a dark side sticker still in the monkish walk in. That was fault number one.

Number two, I’m standing in line for the bathroom. It’s like me, this other guy, literally number two. And we’re waiting for

somebody to come out what’s going on in there? And he comes out he goes, careful. The handles broke. I just like, kept keep walking the guys like the guy behind me is like, what the fuck Mike? Yeah, I don’t know.

I think it was more I walked out I go shutters broke and just kept walking

shutters full shutters full.

So yeah, we’re I don’t know if we’re actually allowed back there. I actually fixed the toilet. It was broken when I got in there. That’s my story. That’s my story. Yeah, he was in there for a while. And it was broken like he was fixing there. He was fixing something. Yes. So it was a good experience. I’m taping belly wearing pocket. We work? Yeah. I love that they play kung fu movies. I

love it. Let me ask you. So we’re here for your fourth anniversary. What are you guys excited for? If anything in the upcoming year, besides not opening up? new locations? Yes. What’s going to announce this right now? That shit ain’t happening.

tombstone Yeah What are you excited about for this year? If anything survival survival remaining making pizza

yeah getting that together like figuring out like how to make that I mean it’s already rockin yeah keeping it going

I think I’m excited for

forgetting getting the

we always say this we always say like we want to have kind of like a little bit of a consistency with like mosaic or wide awake or those kind of things and and we never do It’s fine. It’s fine. It’s not a huge goal but i don’t know i want to drink was here all the time. Right want to keep that one? Yeah, so I don’t know if it’s here. That’s hard. This is a that’s a tough one. Yeah.

I think continuing with what we’re doing with the barrels

sour program I’m pretty excited. Yes, our program more collaborations will not more we do a ton of operations. But keep going. Yeah, continue to collaborate growing our cool ship.

Community collaboration. I’m really excited to get the next date on the calendar for that one. We just need to make our own. Yes, we can go camping again weekend. Exactly. Yeah. in your backyard. Cool ship. No kidding. Anyway, something we can throw in on the trailer. Take out. Come back. I mean, I know it’s hard, but it’s

gonna be awesome. Cool. It’s super fun. Yeah, we tend to get really fucking drunk.

That sounds like fun shenanigans, right?

Yeah, fear anything thinking

Hello, see, we’re live. So maybe we don’t know yet. I don’t usually make my mind up to like, November.

It’s always like, Oh, I like summer and fall here. We we do so well, business wise and hear that like you kind of lose sight of like, what’s happening around you. So maybe like November is like my break time where where things start to mellow out? Yeah, you can kind of reflect

Kissing Do you want to do

Yeah, but that time that’s when we start planning for anniversary party anyway

right well sweet alright guys what do we what do we miss anything we miss?

No I think the What do you guys got coming up but that’s the biggest thing right this point right so what events you guys got going on coming up See you in the building besides this anniversary party what is that coming up it

looks at it for a while and Woody again always always every time they’re

put you next to the bathroom and the entrance again. Yeah, it’s gonna be Oh, that was strong beer that was I saw the map. I was like this is a really bad idea. Hey, we’re out of beer. We ran out a couple hours. Yeah, really bad day. We got really really bad about that.

That was awesome. Yeah, yeah, I think the festivals looking forward to that. Looking forward to just entertaining everyone that’s coming up from the valley this summer. Very cool. Yeah, it seems a lot of people are coming to you now. Whereas like was it two years ago. You guys did that gnarly like collaboration Tour Down in

The valley where it’s like dark sky was sweet. Like we miss her fans by like, Oh wait, wait, do we miss by a day a day? Oh, wait, we shut up with the wrong night. We shut up the wrong night. But still,

if we I like that we show up yet one night late and we’re like, Hey, we get those cans of like that was last night. And we had 26 four packs. Oh yeah, that was with me

on in like 20 minutes or something. Yeah, people love you guys and stuff, man. And that’s a really good problem to have so good for you.

Yeah, it’s I don’t know, like, I think that’s the coolest part about collaborating and traveling is like, you know, hearing guys like you say what you say about us like, right? So often we get stuck in these boxes where we’re just like, Fuck, we got to make beer gotta make we’re gonna make we’re gonna make beer and you kind of lose sight of like and you lose. lose that perspective right now where you just kind of want to quit and give up because it’s not really worth it and then you go and like, talk some amazing people and get you stoked out again. Good like for me like hanging out in tombstone with you.

It was like

that dude is an evil genius. Yeah he’s awesome he talks about beer is like a different level of

that guy is so intelligent it’s scary so we met john Riley the first time with meeting with john rally and at the same conversation we’re all just like, Oh, this is we’re way over a nuclear scientists. We were low browse and we’re super low brown fat boy. JOHN, what do you do at Los Alamos I can’t talk.

Exactly. Kids gotta ride. It’s not a tricycle. No it’s not

some kid came in with strapped to his dad’s back I’m like, it looks like one of those things they carry around like a prince with you know, like, like

Wow, did that what it is? Okay. Wow, he just pulled that word. I don’t know what it was and another sad that was Be honest. Better be what it is. All right. Alright guys. Well, I mean, I think that’s pretty much all we have here. Anything else there right now.

I think we’ve covered all of it. Don’t worry, don’t get depressed. We’ll be back next year. Awesome. Same and we were just gonna keep doing it with you, you know when we do another pie event with Wes and so I can do it. Yes, yes. And maybe he can bring us a game this time. I’m not gonna lie. It was so satisfying. Dude. Like I said, everybody was wearing that pie and it went fucking everywhere. He’s like, Don’t hold back. Yes, sir. Whoops, wrong thing to say. might drop. Gotta get to the over. Yeah, he just let me know. all over her region. Just like splatter, Mike. Well, we gotta go see Alistair from Red House is wearing it over his g jack.

The best looking man and craft beer has got black peaches? Yeah, sorry, dude.

I have a Tiki cocktail calling my name.

I got strong beer tomorrow. I can’t I can’t be late.

Alright guys, thank you so much for doing this with us. Thank you so much for having us and open up a small part of your brewery and let us do this with you.

Great place and with an amazing vibe and just love it here. So thank you very much. So if people want to find more information about the brewery or what you guys are doing, where should they go where they look at? Just follow our Instagram and Facebook. Okay. Yeah,

dark underscore sky underscore brewing, Scott. Yeah, I love it all those honors, just search dark. And that’s like one of the first thing that’s come up as follows. It’s a third and the first two are kind of interesting too. Yeah,

do that. Actually. I’d really love to say check out our YouTube channel as well. Yeah, I think we got some funny stuff on there. We do at least videos and they’re pretty good. So okay, like Yeah, but definitely send our I’ll say this is what? Your podcast that you guys did for a little bit too. You’re still doing very occasionally. Yeah. And hoping to ramp it up. Yeah, the brew trails if so on all the different platforms that you know, Stitcher, iTunes, all that? Yeah, the Bruce rose. And they’re timeless. You can go back and we just did she listened to like the first two with us where we’re sitting.

You guys are about like, just like all the IPAs you made for like a like a

That sounds like an interesting lesson honestly. Yeah. Honestly sounds like a super good listen. It’s kind of funny like you know traveling around like riding on planes I love just like going back through and listening to the old shit. Yeah, so yeah wow we were really embarrassing

at it’s no wonder people have that opinion about us. I bet it’s so interesting though especially it is we’re talking about like when you were opening this place up and the beers you’re brewing at time Oh yeah, it’s like a time capsule you know?

It’s like weird growth pattern occur. Like, as you’re listening to it, listen to our podcast and you can experience a weird growth. Yeah, listen to their podcast, not ours. Now. It’s a talk everything’s about about our gluten reduced program. And I even got to talk to the founder of omission. And there’s some, I’m proud of it. Even though we’ve only got 30 episodes, or four years. It’s like the opposite of our beard. You’re doing something I mean, you’re not just sitting on your hands over here. You do you a little busy. Yeah, yeah. So yeah, so yeah,

the brew Charles, I would love if people listening

That and tell me like either good bad or whatever I sounds like a super interesting Listen, especially with you too so so next time we come up we’ll have to do both podcasts will do yeah there we go with the double o d What about Justin Evans with when he was still with picked me out him and Sam oh yeah we did rid of bacon beer but yeah, bacon Porter and had them on yet we were all so young and naive back then. Hi, this is my bacon

brew beer

bar. Now we get to tag Justin.

Yo, I was hoping go Yeah, we’ve talked about a while ago. Thank you so much, guys. Thank you work you’ll find us know Yeah, we still are show towards the end of the show like 14 times for the show actually really ends but, but we get it all in. We definitely get it all in. Yeah,

we are. Please come find us at hoppy craftsmen on Instagram, and Facebook. I said watch it but

Facebook. We’re on that too. Yeah.

hoppy craftsmen, hoppy craftsmen and hoppy craftsmen. Beer Yeah, very important like that very important and then add who are the rest fucking people in the world right as people are our Patreon supporters and that would be Zach coming is Jessica Langley. Paul Frey being holy. Yep. Paul gelato. The indie beer show, seen it Gomez. You think it’s sitting behind me? GSK? intently. Yes. Third bullets in the videos. She wants to go shopping. And I think Rob Fullmer of the Arizona craft brewers Guild. Nice. We still have him Mark Ballesteros and Anthony Brockman. Hey, Chris, if people want to join our Patreon where do they go? They go to patreon.com slash hoppy craftsmen we a bunch of different tiers for you guys check out cool things like stickers and swag and then a shadow on the show like this. So yeah, maybe one day we’ll record the the off mic conversations. Yeah. Oh, yeah, like bonus episodes. That’s a good idea. Yeah, I like it. Alright collective of just random shit. Yeah.

Cool, guys. Well, again, like it needs it.

1000 times at this point, thank you for being here.

It’s important to thank Mr. No. Thank you, Ryan. Thank you Nick juice. Yes, I want to be ball sandwich. Yes.

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