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Season 1,

HCPC62: Lowbrow Leisure Activities

May 02, 2019

(NSFW) Eddie and Chris talk about McFate re-branding back to Fate. They go over some rumors about how this all came about. Touch base about SunUp Brewing going to a tab room only. How pizza is the next big thing in craft breweries that want a food option.  Another craft brewery from the east coast sells out to a major investor. Modern Times reaches out to the public and gets investors in the form of Wefunder. Stone Berlin falls to the way side, and is sold to Brewdog. We go over our standout beers of the week. How we made it into a legitimate magazine! Thanks to Phoenix Magazine for that. Then we discuss a semi-rude email we received about us and our initials. Look for more swag coming your way council members.

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The assorted sounds of three ageing humans hitting things in a studio for five days. Enjoy!

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Welcome to the hoppy craftsmen I am Chris. And I’m participating in lowbrow leisure activities.

That statement will probably make more sense later in the show. But we do that we started what we try and start off confusing. Yeah, that’s where it hooks most people. Yeah. Right from the beginning they’re talking about Stay tuned. Yeah, right. A lot to that, but kind of kind of go into with the local flashy look, first of all, what are we drinking, that we’re drinking some beers get into some kind of like Beavis and what do you call it like Beavis and butt head style artwork? My judge is totally like, shut out. Where do I see it? I’m always like, this is the bees and by head of the beer world. Yeah.

So we’re drinking. Who farted that we are getting an influx in of now in this state. Right. Yeah, we’re going to talk about it is. Thanks for letting us play tonight. Double dry hop Pale Ale. Say what the hops are down. This is Canada, Canada, where I’m good.

Yes. Galaxy ops. It’s like the middle of paragraph. I’m not going to read this cam cuz

Yeah, too long. didn’t read. Yeah.

too long. didn’t read. Now there it is. The Galaxy.

I don’t know. It was pretty good. I mean, I would say it was blowing my socks off, but

I know it’s solid. Yeah, definitely. I like it.

I hope we get some more than other stuff in season four.

This was from wondering for us.

Of course. Yeah. Where else would you get? Yeah, from

what you do? Go on indoors, get this beer. And then I was hoping to get the pure project stuff there. Release. Friday. So what they’re like, fluffy noon when they open? Nothing. Got nothing in there. And

we’re like, Hey, you know you wanted to be in and he’s like, let later today maybe tonight? I don’t know. It’s like, okay, left. wouldn’t get lunch. Time to get back to the office. Just Instagram again. Yeah, showed up. It was gone. Yeah. Well, I didn’t go back. I came on Instagram. Elora. Back at work. I was like,

that’s not going back there. Yeah, it’s funny when you like they’re trying to anticipate when it’s going to be here, which is better than like, hey, it’s coming. But it’s like

yeah, that’s that’s the problem is like I was thinking about it’s like well, if I would have known was gonna come later, a little bit later lunch. But like, it wouldn’t affect me. Either way. I’m insured right.

first and then when it was just ridiculous, there’s no way no one’s going to come in. Because it’s like, oh, let’s take a little lunch. Like what what came in earlier at noon when they open that I would have been screwed anyway. So I don’t know.

But multiple people had it so you wonder Yeah, so I mean, I look distribution on that work.

It was it always seems like wanderings getting stuff first. And then it slowly goes to everybody else. Yes. So I was like one or two rounds of they’re going to be able to have it exclusively and then all of a sudden every else gets it. So yeah,

cuz this is technically second round for pure project, right? Because they had the best year yeah, they’re just here in the merch Shake, shake. Yeah.

See their second or third?

stuff to no

logic anywhere else though.

I think Ground Controls gotten bottle logic.

Right. Okay. Yes, I do. I think

Yeah, they come here to the truth Chris.

I forget that ground control exists sometimes I get like Ground Control and he’s a cool dude. And they got some great stuff. I just it’s so far out of the country that I just don’t even know I forget I sign

the radar. Yeah, you’re like Chrome controllers bottle logic. Well, it’s right down the street from bottom logic so of course

they do. Yeah, then right next eight bit. Yeah, they’re biologic beers.

Exactly. We can do

but yeah, so luckily there was he said it was at somewhere else at the casual point so my buddy Yeah, I think casual pie headed by divine had it like there was there was no shortage of places that got their hands on him. So but then you don’t really necessarily get the information how much I got. So was it a case was it two cases was

it looked like the water indoors actually got a pretty decent amount? It was like it was actually a couple cases of each one. I think it was pretty crazy looking. Because it was like, the Julius was like, was it Romeo and in Julius and then? Yeah, that one went quick. Right. Yeah,

maybe they didn’t get a lot of that because I think that was the one in the orange camp.

Right. I didn’t see a lot of places have that. There’s other ones at the top of the beast joint that one was the Black Hand one now I just saw that pure project beast or something like that. I don’t remember. offhand. I don’t remember and then yeah, the other ones the mark mobile which is cool. If you want to know what that is. It’s the basically the outside again is the Scooby Doo Mr. machine. Yeah.

Gaming fond of? Oh, yeah. The Mystery Machine. Yeah.

Which is funny. Like,

they at some point. I feel like everybody’s just flirting with CDs all over the place, which makes you see the Haagen dos rip off cam. Yeah, blatantly.

That was pretty tough. And then it was somebody else made another Grand Theft Auto. Yeah, I saw the same font and everything I think was eight bit they been to California a bit brewery for Yeah,

our Brewing Company. I don’t know. Yeah.

The other the other a bit the one that’s not here. They made it was like rent of mango or something. And I mean, talking to you know, 12 West about there is that’s like the growing alone was they actually got a CD on was that for that

one? Yeah. Which is funny, because the game based on crime and murder, and they’re sitting in C and D. Yeah. You’re like,

they are ruthless. Yeah.

Awesome. But man, what you can do. So Friday in the local news for a little bit here. Yeah. There’s some things going around a little


Something’s happened.

The biggest one that I our outline wrote here was that make fate turn back to Faith.

The faith of make faith. Yeah, so.

So people who don’t know the story, a little recap, a little recap, because it’s been a few years. So back in the infancy of craft brewery, when everybody was a handshake and a smile. There were two breweries named fate. One was in Colorado, one was here. And I don’t think either of them had high hopes for distribution or expansion. So they’re like, we’re in Colorado, you’re in Arizona, should be fine. We’re not going to overlap. So we’ll just kind of a gentleman’s agreement to both use the name. Well, somebody got a little too big for their britches. And the fate in Colorado decided to file a trademark on fate, even though the Arizona fate was first. So they got the trademark rights. They, I think, still tried to deal to be able to use it. Right. Colorado said no. So then, at that time, mcfate our fate was going to open up a second location and they started rebranding to make fate. Because the story goes, I think, the owner, Steve, mcfate, that’s his name, he dropped the mic off his feet, because he didn’t want people to think it was an Irish pub, I think, or like Irish bar. He just wanted to be a craft brewery. So they switched to mcfate. And there’s kind of like,

he had the support. I mean, I’ve never met anybody that has anything bad to say about Steve. No, I everybody loves him. So when they change to make face, a lot of the local places put the MC in front of their brewery, like there was a cos. Right. Like they did full blown logos and stuff and

but come to find out that, that expansion for the Colorado fate, they had filed for bankruptcy. Yeah.

They couldn’t make it. So when it was like last November, I think through the 2018 number. Yeah,

he did. The bankruptcy news came out a while ago. But now mcfate is rebranding, oddly enough as they get prepared to open a third location? Yeah, go back to fate,

right, which is gonna be back to fate. So it’s funny. So like, I remember at the time, it was at the second anniversary party, it was actually at the Scottsdale location for fade the time and we went there and got I got a nice glasses that fade on it. I was super excited. I was like, a nice guy got a grocery glass from them. Then the whole show where that change, the name kind of happened. And I was like, Oh, well, now I kind of have a rare glass. I guess it’s kind of it says its fate was Arizona. There’s no relief aid Arizona. It’s you know, it’s like that’s kind of cool. And then I switch it back. I’m like, no.

This is like, That’s funny. And I will say people on the other webs definitely pulled the whole fake card. The dad joke of like, yes, it was fate. Yeah.

only have the camp laughter

Ah, yeah,

we don’t. Yeah, I remember I went to the like rebranding party where they were trying to get rid of all the old merchandise. Yeah, so I got like the last fake dq.

I got the first to make fake branded glassware is from Steve. Oh, I have a Kmart milk stout fate. Oh, yeah. Yeah.

I have one of the stainless steel growlers. I had Steve sign at that.

So that sits on the shelf. But

the other part of that is Steve’s out.

Right? That’s the second part of Steve is and so he actually put up like this blurb like kind of like saying, Hey, what happened with like the back to fate thing. They also have like the barman, hills items are more news. And he kind of like listed you know, say what he’s leaving and that he

was an odd by the way. Yeah,

it was really weird. And it was, I don’t know, I saw it. And then people on social media like a different brewery owners and their beautiful follows start saying stuff like they were making to him leaving. That was really sad to see him go and, you know, Billy support and all of a sudden it was like, well, he’s stepping down. So like, he’s gonna be somebody else. What would you guys feel bad for him? Or some? Yeah,

it’s almost like he died. Yeah, it was like,

well, then then I go on to other Facebook groups and stuff. And people are saying that he wasn’t voluntary, that he was actually kind of forced out. We’ll see the original story. And that’s the room. Right? Yeah,

it’s a rumor at this point. And I don’t think any of that’s new because when they opened up that second location, and if you’ve been to the either location, they are vastly different in the atmosphere. Yeah,

I mean, completely, completely. The North one is super chill, relax. Very, very intimate. They only have wood fired pizzas, which are friggin delicious. That’s it. It’s not huge and not flashy. It’s not fancy. And then the Scottsdale location is the exact that was it. It’s ginormous. There’s metal and there’s giant windows and patios. Sometimes you walk in there and see more mixed drinks and full bar like it’s really odd. So it’s a very weird combination between the two. Yeah, we know that we’re actually the same place without the name. Yeah.

So the rumor back then was that he was kind of already put on the outer tier. Okay. Management does I think it was a separate Management Group running the new location okay. And eventually they got brought in to do the North location too. So like you said they only had wood fire Peters will like brought in some menu items from the other one and it was from what I heard it was like, it was like a management group that like came from like Charleston’s that chain restaurant or something like that. So weird. I mean, a lot of I mean, at that point I think every bartender there had been there like almost the lifespan of fate at the time. Okay. And they all left like it was a big time around Yeah, they just didn’t like the management so from what I heard and there’s no confirmation to it is Steve was kinda I guess bought out pushed out right not completely so I don’t know how much more he had to go in this step but they

also suddenly invested in there that he also didn’t have a non compete to. So these are some of the things that he wanted to say and it was stuff that was I mean, they could just make it up completely but what they were it seemed like they knew more than what they are like yeah, that a better inside scoop on so again, rumors don’t nothing’s confirmed but they seemed like he was kind of forced out to and no non compete so maybe he’ll be doing something else here then

somebody chime into this as non competes don’t hold up in Arizona, right and Arizona. deny people the right to work so

yep. So we’ll see how that goes either way, but you know, would be interesting to see if he just if he stays away from beer general free activity, like food is like a bicycle shopping to his mother. And do so maybe he just wants to retire like, right. My thought is wasted all those other things. I was like, oh, man, he was a busy dude. He’s wanting something tomorrow. Yeah, go chase down doing stuff. So I don’t

know. Maybe he’ll invest in a brewery. Right?

Right. Could be could be another brewery so that’s cool but i mean you know it’s it’s definitely a weird situation. It’s cool at their back to fate in little by little actually like the name mcfate better. Yeah,

they that was weird. It’s kind of like yeah,

I liked how they they should have left the North mcfate and change the South and the new location to fate fate. Yeah.

And then it could have been

because they had a different logo at the North they had it was around whereas the traditional one is kind of like a badge. Yeah, um, I think it was and it’s tapping barrel versus mcfate brewing. Okay, so they were mcfate tap and barrel and mcfate brewing, gotcha kind of branded differently. Yeah,

it makes sense to kind of do it the kinda like, you know, you have Richardson’s and dicks hideaway kind of thing. There’s still same Yeah. parent company with their different things. parties. Yeah.

For you Canadians.

We only had parties in Michigan. We didn’t have all your practically Canadians I master I guess. This is on. Was it? mouth by Southwest that the was it? The Tempe location should be open in May. So come up here pretty soon since this is the end of April. And it’s going to be on these on Southern just east of mill. I hit Mill Avenue. Yeah, it’s on Southern though. Mill Avenue. So it should be not far enough away. Yeah,

it’s it’s definitely one of the way so I like how cold water is on the edge of Old Town Scottsdale. It’s far enough away from old town where you kind of still want to go down there. Right? Yep. Just the

old town and those people need to stay down there. Yeah.

stay that way. I’m gonna go this way. So but yeah, that was an interesting news.

What else has been happening?

Edward? local news, local news.

What do we got? Well, funny. We’re talking about my fake cuz Tony the who was like bartender day wanna make fake is opening up the sleepy whale. Okay. And that’s going to happen the first week of May.

Right. So we have a hard date there. That finally you know, they were doing some stuff with the adding some approvals, final approvals and stuff with all the things that were going on.

So we’re excited for that. It’s awesome. Those guys have been doing that. The one thing though, that kind of was weird to me is that they kind of anticipated open up sooner. I think that didn’t work out. I think the original shot was the end of March. That was like an early estimate,

right? But they posted a bunch of pictures of Hey, this is all the beer we’ve gotten from our buddies party. And it was kegs and stuff that’s cool. But I was also cans and simple Vidya cans. And so you’re like,

there were there’s go

that was those are just dying. I can right now like where’s Nate when you need them? Yeah, is like livid it’s like dude. Even if it isn’t yours is cold storage. You are Lily sitting on this week, three week old cans of blue visa that yet could have set to wandering daughters or to help some birch Yeah, so maybe they did. Who knows

what they’re gonna change the name of that too. Yeah, I thought that would change it to something. Yeah, we’re along with the squirrel.

That’s our Dagon. Yeah,

the saying like some some kind of verb. Animal adjective. Yes. Something like that.

Do we know what kind of animal live in Flagstaff?

party animals?

Yes, absolutely.

multiplayer. snowbirds. There’s a Snowbird minutes. Yeah,

I will maybe

the traveling Snowbird we’ll get it.

We’ll get it rented for I’m sure he doesn’t get bombarded with names at all.


no. We got Food News. Do we do Food News? We eat food we do. So

speaking of food and pizza and

places are losing food and gaining food. Well, people

Everybody seems like they’re gaining just pizza. Yeah, that’s the weird part of this is like everybody’s getting pizza in their place because it’s the easiest thing to go to. I guess. I don’t know. It’s just weird. But everybody but one of the staples

sun up right got rid of their kitchen. Yeah.

Which is crazy to

set up was

interesting. And but keep it on that tangent that dark sky got rid of their food truck right now have a full blown Pizza Kitchen. Yeah,

which is super interesting will definitely be asking more about them. We review because we’re interviewing for this this weekend. So after listen to this podcast the weekend this comes out this week in this comes out. We’re gonna be looking actually at the dark skies.

The third anniversary party, right. Fourth, fourth.

Yes. there that has been that long for them. So fourth anniversary party.

Going to interview them the day after we’re gonna go to the party that night. Hang out. mingles and people were unavailable. So if you’re there, say hi. Let us know the people that enjoy the show. We might actually have stickers on us. We’ll see. You never know. Maybe. Um, but yeah, we’re gonna talk to them kind of get the maybe the inside scoop of the whole pizza thing. Like, like we said earlier, but the subtle thing.

They went from a brew pub to now just a tap house.

It has like, I don’t? I don’t know.

I don’t know if that works. Yeah,

it’s really weird. It’s really weird. So like set up. used to be called norm brew house, by the way,

back in the day.

So they changed their name to sign up. Then it’s just this weird, like, history of all things. What’s up? Let me also said I also believe that setup is also part not part of the guild. So the crackers guild?

Really? Yeah.

I did not know that. Yeah, as far as I know. They’re not. They also have it’s just like, all these weird things that are happening like their new. It just none of us seem that was a very good

outlook for them. cool kids. They were that like uncle bears was same way. Right? They were like a pub style restaurant. And then they decided, hey, look, there’s a craft beer thing.

Let’s work into that. Well, they will know Sonoran brewing brewhouse. Did they brew their own beer too? Oh, do they have their own beer? Yep. They brewed beer for a while. It just it was it was like I think this

this article basically says 2001 they were sent up arson or marine before they basically expanded adding, you know, more production of 15 barrel system. So,

you know, it’s

I don’t know, again, hopefully, it’s a not a, you know, a precursor for things to come from setup, but it does not bode well. I mean, when you’re, I mean, I guess if you’re

if you’re doing it because you just want to focus on beer and make good beer and expand your production and beer out.

That’s one thing, but it’s because you’re trying to cut costs and not spend so much money so you don’t go belly up. That’s a whole nother Yeah, we only we only speculate to what why

they’re doing it. Yeah, you don’t question the motivation? Because that plays out because we’ve mentioned it before, like you can’t shortchange the combination. You can’t say we can survive solely on our beer, or solely on our food, right? What if the one is essential to the other which

I’ve only been to sign up a handful of times and I’ve only I probably eaten there less than I drank there. Yeah, but I don’t think the food was bad, but not we enjoyed it. So but it was a small place. So yeah,

it was kind of its segment at two because of a new area and in the old area. You can walk across between the two and it was I mean, is interesting their food was pretty decent. I mean I really enjoyed it so it’s kind of fun to see that go But

again, I just hope it’s not because of bad things I was because I just want to focus on beer and getting production I mean I know the that White Russian they made the Imperial Imperial White Russian whoever was really good they put in cans so maybe they’re just trying to focus more on doing stuff like that get some more cans and more places on the valley

yeah cuz every suddenly you like they rebranded their cans and right lot aren’t working no needed that so yeah, so

we’ll see. So something to keep an eye out I guess

because like we talked about and dark sky flat out said like we’re not food people now. But the pizza that they brought in is a second technically it’s a second location for

pizza which makes sense to me then that’s the site of course doing to write the same thing there to have somebody already does pizza and so it’s like you kind of it makes sense let them do their thing is good their thing let him do it and then just offer at your place. Yeah,

make Why not? Yeah,

it makes more sense to do that. Because just like you said they’re not food people they’re going to sit there make food. Yeah.

decisions based on food they’re making based on beer so

yeah, so yeah, it’s but yeah, again, it’s interesting that everybody’s doing pizza. Speaking which craft 64 also is putting a location new location in downtown Chandler

Yeah, downtown jailers and they want their people back

to my earlier is that

it’s funny how like

downtown Chandler used to be like that it was the spot for a long time because it was like Santana was down there so like when that hit that start bringing a lot of people more downtown and then they did all the revamping and all the architecture and then they do the Cannes Festival down there and they do tons of free parking and it was like man good channels place to go. And then Gilbert all of a sudden out of nowhere decided that they’re just had enough and they started the just exploded with everything to downtown Gilbert now. And now Donald Chandler definitely believe is coming back because they got tired of everybody going to Gilbert so right.


trying to put on more events, but like you said they, they I mean, they even revamped City Hall

like right. Well, they did the there’s so as there’s like, it’s like a studio movie, a girl type of thing. Like, I think it’s called flicks. Yeah.

It’s like Alamo Drafthouse. Right. So they have beer and food and all that fun stuff there, which is really cool. Which that’s a weird story too. Because if you go on that website, yeah, they have brewers listed but not for every location. Okay, so I don’t know if right now cuz I mean, that place barely open yet. I don’t know if they’d be there, like satellite Brune places and sending it out and bring in local stuff. I haven’t been there because I know. Alamo Drafthouse has local beers and they’ll even have local breweries brew something for for like the release, and they’ll name it something goofy for the for the release

of the movie is.

So are the big movie. So okay, I don’t know what flicks does. But I looked at it like that they list the head breweries for I think three, I may have like, I think 10 locations. Okay. So I don’t know if they’re trying to work on having a brewery at every facility, or they’re just distributing to date like, the ones that they have brewers for and just shipping it out. So we’ll see. Plus, they built the whole I think that whole section right there is built out of shipping containers. Yeah,

it’s really exciting straits. It’s like that whole because you see these big giant dirt lock up like little parking sometimes. So that that side is completely built up that either there and a bunch of other stuff right there. Then you go further south and you have a show coffee. Looks like you say it. I don’t know. Yeah. But then you know, the Was it the frickin purchase? There you have we’re going was at the sleepy whales gonna be down there. You have craft 64 going to be down there now that Dukes is right. Yes. It’s like a lot of these places are going into downtown Chandler. So it’s like, yeah,

sweet. Which is funny because that one restaurant on the corner can’t seem to hold a tenant. It was like a coach and Willie’s and then it was like, I think like a Mexican place. I think.

I don’t

think anything’s in there right now. Yeah,

no, I don’t know. I have no clue. But it’s July 3, and I can see. Yeah,

I can never tell if it’s open. Yeah,

for their part. So well, if you want to grab another beer night, you take a break.

No, we’re gonna we’re gonna get right. No, no, we’re gonna let the show run was gonna go to get another beer. And people want to know what that seems like.

cool guys will enjoy the ambient sound of my dining room.


Welcome back, everybody. Chris ran to total wine and stocked up.

Now these are leftovers from 40th birthday party that, that people didn’t drink IPAs and bought exclusively for me.

Wow. Look at your phone with me. Your fancy. Yeah,

that’s like, thank you.

That’s super nice of them. Did you show me your magazine? article?

I didn’t show him that. It was kind of I kind of want I didn’t want to distract from their child’s birthday. Just wanted to try to

the bigger guy. Do you want to mingle with the people you want to do? Yeah,

pretty much so I mean, that’s so perfect. Good point. Uh, we were mentioned in a magazine. Yeah,

a legitimate magazine. Yeah,

it was legitimate. That’s pretty crazy. It wasn’t some, you know, handwritten PDF.

It wasn’t some right

wing online magazine. It was a physical magazine. Yeah, it was. It was.

It was an odd issue to be mentioned in but

yeah, so. Yeah,

we were we got married. We had no idea.

We we had no idea that we were in the magazine. It was Phoenix magazine. There was the doctors edition. Yeah.

Like it was the best doctors in Arizona. Yes.

was like

these doctors. Good for them. Yeah.

When your ears are bleeding listening to the show. Go see the best ear nose and throat specialist and Arizona. Yeah,

there you go. Harvick. Um, yeah, it was kind of cool. We said we didn’t even know about it until someone we knew pointed out to us. It was like that’s awesome. Yeah, there’s a give a little shout out and mentioned. I love the two shows. They mentioned we’re past episodes include gems like Rick Ashley’s beaver town buyout and bucket list breweries and stout season and Laimbeer holiday gift guides. Which you were on that one it was the both of

those were us. Yeah, that was.

So it was good to have. Rick Astley. Yeah,

good times to odd selection, like out of context is like what the hell I know.

I’m like it. I’m like, man, we really need to work on naming our episodes better, I think Yeah.

Now I think

start season and then Laimbeer holiday gift guys. They’re to the point. Yeah,

I mean, they descriptive. It was late in the year we’re reaching for content. Oh,

those what he does that you’ll want to down a brew what while they rant about beer reviews, and pumpkin spice invasions and inappropriate beer names. Just true because a lot of inappropriate beer names. We like them

for the most part. So that was fun. Check it out. It was April’s issue. So I think it should still be on the shelves.

You don’t have to go buy one. Just go. Let’s go to those it. Yeah. Hey, go to Instagram. We have a story on it. Yeah, check that out. It’s page 118. I remember it. Because it’s a thick magazine. I was like, I have no idea where this is it or what page this is. I just keep going for all the doctors. And then you find us. So yeah,

look super cool. Super excited to be to be mentioned in there. Yeah.

Well, we’re not the important not the guys from Santa Fe anymore.

That’s true. That is I mean, that was

the portal rally. Yeah,

cuz technically, it’s our second mentioned, but it was on the online. Right on the online like, picture slide show of real wild and Woody

right and the idea that we’re from Santa Fe Yeah. from

Santa Fe, New Mexico. Yeah. Yeah,

we definitely do not brew rallies beer swarm. No, it’s not what we like them so much.

So for their for other reasons. This make us bonafide now we bonafide

Yeah. I think so sweet.

We put that on your your college resume. Yeah.

You’re welcome. Thanks. New said this podcast doesn’t pay. It’s paid in spades. Exactly.

So you want to get into some national news. And once you get more local stuff you want to dish on

I guess this is

local. That segues into national news. So I went to I went to the shop, because they did that Yo, yo,

yo, the there

was like super citrusy. Yeah, I was like a citrus. IPA. And they can do is pretty cool. Like, yeah, anime. Like if you saw that was a super anime big. Yeah, it was a kind of style of that for the art. So I guess we should talk about what we’re actually drinking. That’s I just made fun of you for Oh, yeah. I guess we go into a total life. We should actually mention the beer that was purchased at total wine probably.

double IPA that will India Pale Ale 8.1% from College Street brew house in Lake Havasu.

Arizona. So

that works as opposed to like having to France. I would get those two confused. Yeah, me too. It’s never been really old. It was but surprisingly light and refreshing. Considering it’s a double IPA. That’s 8%

Yeah, doesn’t really taste very 8%. That’s good. I like it. I like it.

But we’re going to talk about national news. And this kind of segues from local news because I went to the shop only before we’re currently interrupted with life. I went to the can release for the yo yo, which was like a citrus IPA. done in art style of the super anime big Okay, it was that kind of like Japanese anime a lot of stuff going on. Cool. Cool. The label design and cool theme that they do with Yeah, but

I liked a lot. I was really good. What What do you remember the quote was there was a funny quote,

oh, the now I don’t. I mean, just look it up. We have we have well, allowing us to get through things. Um, so just sitting there. I was having a beer. And Dave, the owner from the shop, comes walking through and he’s like, hey, the guys from the costumer here. The rumor has it there’s a bottle share going on back there. You should go back there. I was like, just can’t walk back there. It’s like nobody’s gonna know who I am. He’s like, well, you can wait for me. I’ll take you back there. You just walk back there. So my mind so I walked back there and they the birds from the costumer they’re brewing beer at the shop and they had all sorts of they had

blind pug I think it’s called Yeah, modern times. No monkey monkey. It was a monkish

from Russian River wouldn’t notice it was monkish. And it was their homage to Russian River wine pig pig. Yeah, yes. Cuz he was wearing like, get the monocle and the black glasses and the hat. Yeah.

And then it says on the label, like brewed with permission from Russian River. That’s awesome. Couple like the coffee, like limited stuff. They can’t

we don’t have any coffee here. I mean, they’re in. I think they’re in

Eugene, Oregon. I think that’s where they’re at. We did for a bit. No, we still do. I haven’t seen them. Now we still do we get them. We have to try Sarah hops or whatever. And then it would have you their stuff. We say we get everything we make. But we get it. We get some other beers here.

So they were brewing and the reason I talked about that is they’re going the way of Oskar blues. Right. So they’re doing like a super collaboration. Not a collaboration but a conglomerate. What would you call it? Yeah, define this. Yeah,

it’s kind of like, it’s hard. Like, there’s not. There’s a word for practice to who it is. Now. We’re too lowbrow for this way too lowbrow. It’s basically just form a coalition of different like there. Yeah, that’s good word. Yeah, as a bunch of different breweries. Right. Different breweries kind of come together the gospel brews and cigar city. Those guys did their own little

bill. Yeah, that then does design mostly I think there’s like shared distribution. That’s usually what it’s or usually for stuff like that, where, you know, they

asked what I mean, make sure that they can basically team off debate they fight bigger, bigger people, right, and actually get their stuff out to a wider audience. So you know, I it’s one of those things where I get it, and then they’re gonna have to stuff like that to build get, you know, get their stuff out there.

And past shows we talked about wasn’t Nikos because did a letter an open letter to I think it was like, one of the Bush’s or whatever, cuz he was like boohoo about the American craft brewers, like, whatever. Like, they got like, like, it’s not it was something stupid like that. And so like, Nico had this giant like letter to them, basically, to him, too bad kind of thing. I’ll do the show notes actually link when their episodes we talked about it. And it’s actually, I mean, if you just actually search his name, but my whole point is that if you read that, you know, this dude is all about, like, not selling out and not becoming big beer. And so, you know, my whole point. I mean, I would assume that this isn’t a move towards becoming more like big beer. It’s just a more straight, strategic way to do what they’re currently doing. It was land. Yeah.

Well, I mean, it kind of goes back to the what we’re talking about with food and beer, like, maybe somebody does distribution better than they do, right. And they want nothing to do with it. from going from the ground up, so like, Hey, you do this, we want to do it too. And we can share resources. And obviously, it gives you a foothold in that location. P Corps. That’s what it was this open letter to Pete Corps. Oh, and his response to we’re

all craft beer. Yeah, we’re all craft beer, guys. Let’s be on the same team. We’re crores. So yeah, it was kind of crazy. But yeah, no, I mean, is that if you read this letter at all, and went through it and see that some of the things that he actually went through his letter was like, he pieced out like, this is what p core said, and his exact response is pretty extensive.

That was a deep read he, yeah, he wasn’t shooting from the hip on that one. He would that there’s some research and some thoughts went into that, but does a part of majority stake throw you off about that? And then they sold the majority stake? because technically, doesn’t that make them non craft beer?

Now? Yeah, well, I want to say by the crackers, like definite definition, yeah. It makes them not. They’re not independent beer.

So maybe Budweiser was right, maybe the term craft beer is dead. Well, I think there is dying. Because it, it’s it’s natural progression, like this was a very homegrown, very,

buckle up your bootstraps kind of industry, like I’m gonna start a brewery. I have no idea. There’s not a lot of people who have the an idea. So we’re just going to go and deal with things as they come. But now it seemed to be it seems to be more corporate.

Like there’s more business involved in it. So it wouldn’t make sense to make business decisions. It does necessarily bring into question the quality or the intentions of the beer. But like I was reading an article that said, like, you would have to add up like all the major craft breweries just to even you wouldn’t even come close to the sales of just ultra Nicola ultra. Right. And it’s like, Yeah, when you think about the, the pie, how it’s a divided for alcohol, like it isn’t even a blip right now on an individual basis. Right. So so like, even that Oskar blues contingent is,

which was it? Do you remember much more to they said majority didn’t actually how much?

It just has a majority stake to legacy brewing? Is it that what the name of it was?

legacy breweries Inc, right?

Well, was it that but that’s they still might be find them? Because they are the crackers is less than 25% of the craft breweries owned or controlled equivalent economic interest by beverage industry member, which is not self I CRISPR. So you think it’s just like an umbrella or

corporate so he has little is this way? The

Who are they got the majority stake to was actually a craft brewer, then they would still can be considered? You


that craft brewery or independent I guess, isn’t it more and more comes down to are the independent craft brewers? Yeah,

I think that’s the term correct term now because you You nailed it, right? Always

make that point of craft beer is the mind state you’re in, right and made Nate made that good point of if you talk to any of these large brewers or craft breweries that are owned by like a BM, Bev and stuff, you list the definition of what craft beers are like I do. That’s what I do. That’s what they all think they’re making craft beer to that’s the thing is they then and they are but what they’re doing isn’t? I mean, once you start scaling up, does that make it not craft? And that’s we’ve talked about that before, too. It’s like, the numbers are there not we probably need another 10 years of data to actually create a solid, like, here’s the cut off, right? for independent, independent, and

it’s like everything, it’s evolving. And I think that and we talked about before I think in that episode, we talked about the whole craft, the craft beer dying that I think the term it’s gonna mean that’s it makes sense. Like we’re you know, what we went from micro beer, like micro breweries, right. And they didn’t want to be called micro brewery was a micro and macro. Yeah, they won’t be called micro because it’s too tiny. And then it was like, Okay, well, now their craft beer. And then now that term brewery, you know, that turns change into independent craft beer. Right? And then it doesn’t change again today. I don’t think there’s a number. But I think the idea behind what it actually means what it means to be a craft brewer. That’s not going to change, like what the what the really what they’re doing is craft beer. But we know,

we’ll see. Everything changes. But I wonder because I joked with you when when that article came out, it’s like, oh, no, is the shop on the radar for this to join this group? Like, I mean, rumors like that. To start, it’s like, hey, these guys are brewing here. And now sudden, they got bought out or not bought out, but now they have a major investment. Right. So like, if there was anybody right now to be perfectly set up, I would say to join a group like that I would probably put the shop up there on that list.

It’s it’s gonna laugh at me.

Like they have the connections. I mean, they’ve been major collaborations are with Bruce system is amazing.

Right now, Bruce system, they’ve done tons of cool labs, they, I mean, if the spirit of the shop is they just want them to enjoy what they’re doing. I mean, we we talked to those guys enough, and there’s tons of episodes you guys can listen to. But, you know, they, they they really passionately love what they do. And that’s, that’s huge. And I think if they were to join something like that, I would have to be something that would still help keep that spirit alive and actually still give them the freedom to do whatever they wanted. Because they do some crazy stuff sometimes. So

they just put on that silo, which looks really cool. Yeah, right. This is it.

You think you can roast it in there? and Arizona when it’s 120

days? It was fine.

I’m sure it’s insulated.

We’re doing that beer with them. I was like, Oh my God wouldn’t be great to have us in a silo with like, I’m like, Well, I haven’t work here. Do you like oh, yeah, totally. We’re good work. All right. But I was like, I was thinking the same language become like friggin which is big. Just like it’s like yay, the big giant massive just freaking friggin crane outside. I don’t know it’s a

it wouldn’t really nice to have that when we were making our beer. Yes. Yeah, having dumped 50 pound bags. And,

and lots of them. Yeah,

considering they, they basically double batch almost, I think everything everything that’s all that’s a lot of green going in those beers and listen, and we we made a ton

in that day, it was you and me. And Siena, and another two guys and we all kind of helped a little bit with a lot of that. But it’s like the normal basis they don’t have the five other people there that can help them do that. So they’re making all these pairs by hand like that. It’s just it’s like dang I granted we almost broke the mash tun with

all the oats yeah it was the no shredded coconut wasn’t was putting the pump through the paces So

yeah, I was done with their suite system we broke it the first

time we really

don’t invite those guys back. Yeah, right do put ideas

to friggin funny. So more more national news.

gets more on that corporate theme


Yeah, so small breweries corporate

yeah wine wine broker bunker

Brewing Company which is I want to say in in Pennsylvania was linebacker he other Pennsylvania they sold like they basically sold to Eastern eastern Pennsylvania the sport stuff there I wonder

weird but yeah, they sold basically again a majority share majority share too. But this wasn’t actually a

it was like yeah Holdings LLC 1518 Holdings LLC affiliate based private investment group. And then they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Yeah.

Which just I think in generic terms that’s called tax write off I think so they could they could basically organized reorganize

and get their debt in line get basic ism time to actually pay their debt off. Yeah, occurring like crazy. So. Yeah,

I want to not so sure. Yeah, that’s good or have their beer. So I haven’t, I haven’t either. I saw some people were really upset by it. And I’ll just like, I don’t think I’ve ever had any other beer.

Now it’s Yeah, but it seems like this one is definitely for the negative. Yeah. Not like hey, let’s pull our resources like hey, we need resources. Yeah,

so the two so

and that’s one gives a number to 55%

right? So it’s 30% is going to be on between like the link brothers and then they’re 15% somewhere else it says and then yeah, the 55% stake

yeah the 15% the shareholders and 30% with

wire Bacher. Yeah,

so we’ll see. But yeah, they’re present him they were to about 30%

It’s crazy. So

cool. Was he is F 2.1 million in bank debt.

And turn outstanding accounts payable to hell? So that is tough.

It says sometimes because of 2014 expansion product that costs $2 million. Yeah,

it seems that expansion is really biting people in the ass. Speaking of who have bitten the ass don’t got bitten the ass by expansion. Is it as another I mean?

stone man stone.

So that came out of nowhere for most people,

right? It’s I didn’t hear anything bad about it not doing well or didn’t see I didn’t see it stores about at least so they do. They’re doing really good PR and

smacking that down. But the like the big knowledge of men seem to kind of tail off in social media and stuff. Like they just started it seemingly started mentioning that Berlin facility less than less, right? And then all of a sudden, it’s like, Hey, we sold it by the way,


And I don’t I don’t know if people are more upset that they sold it or who they sold it to. right because they sold it to brew dog. And people are very black and white on brew dog. There’s no people it doesn’t seem there’s a lot of people that are like hey Bry dog give or take, they’re like No, fuck them. Or now they’re cool. I’ll go stay at their hotel or whatever the hell they got going on. Yeah, shower,

fridge beer. Well, like there was a whole thing with like, brew dog being like, you know, these punks of the industry and and they’re like, super radical, aren’t they? And then they kind of did this and that and things that work. So on stage, I don’t remember can remember it off anymore. But like it was like this. Yeah, there was some definitely some dislike for Bry ocular, which,

whatever we can point out a lot of people are like, calling them out on that about, like, being independent and what I know, the beer Research Institute and all their stuff. So it’s like fiercely independent brew dog has some similarly great, we’re, we’re so independent. And then a lot of people immediately call out I was like, yeah, where’d you get all your money from? And we’re Where’s your monetary structure at like, you’re not as independent as you claim to be. Yeah,

so I don’t know. I mean, it’s the sound kind of bummed. I mean, I know so I mean, I bought some of those but the big giant are not magnums per se but they’re pretty giant bottles from friggin from the stone Berlin help to kind of the GoFundMe thing for that so, uh, you know, as a in the back of my mind was like, man be kind of cool to go see stone Berlin one of these days like actually go check it out. And now I’m like, it still can do that as could be stolen. It can be bird dog, but it sounds kind of sad.

I could have waited till after I went to Germany. Yeah, right. Yeah,

exactly. Geez, these guys. What were they thinking?

no consideration for the little man.

I’ll say this. I know from the beginning they were stone was trying to bring in more cans and some aluminum and I know they would they were when that was happening. People were like, that’s not a good idea. People don’t drink in cans for cans in Germany. And they have big problem with broken glass everywhere. So

I don’t know. So,

you know, it’s one

of those things where Yeah, Germany You can also take your glass back to like the grocery store and cash it in.

Nice. Well, you can do that in Michigan too. And it’s called

it’s called tell Canada.

South Canada you can do it.

But yeah, I mean,

that’s kind of a bummer. But you know, it is what it is stone does a lot of it’s funny stone does a lot of like big things. And then they failed spectacularly at it and then they do another big thing somewhere else so be interested see what they do next, right? Yeah,

I mean, well,

I mean, this isn’t this isn’t like this isn’t like they’d be Oh stone Berlin close now stones screwed Yeah, why not? So they’re still fine. I mean, they’re gonna keep going it’s not a big deal for them I guess Really?

I don’t think they’re gonna be like who was it a green flash they’re not gonna close like it consolidate right back to like a single Yeah, entity and sell off Alpine and do all that kind of stuff. I think it’s just more of Oh, yeah,

that’s the other thing I guess we talked about that in the last show about

balance point.

Oh, they close to do they close two locations and stopped San Francisco opening and right fingers another one right. So

whoever bought them I carry never met with ever again. Who bought them for a billion dollars. constellation brands, legend brands, right. So do you think there was a buyer’s remorse?

Or was that a billion dollar? $1 billion? They’re like, Oh, yeah.

So we’ll see how that Yeah, about that. made me laugh. I was like,

chickens coming home to roost? Man. That’s funny.

And that’s the thing, like everybody always claims that nothing’s going to change. But I guarantee you, there’s some unemployed people now who life is significantly changed. Yeah, they might be following the same recipe. But there’s a lot of different I’ll say this. I phones the answer. Now.

We’ve heard from people were like below scope. I think it was even heard. And you know, it’s man from VR. I mean, he literally tells like sculpting was there. That was their jam. And they bring in just the love sculpting because we couldn’t get here very often. Yeah, at all. And

since we could get it and visit the breweries out there to now it’s not the same beer. Like there’s no way that that the beer that he was idling is the same beer that is today.

It’s not even close. When we get that here with four peaks. Like there’s so many people that are like the staunch defenders of like kilt Mr. And they’re like, no, it’s same beer and like, No, it’s not. Yeah, it’s not the same year, new year, nostalgia might create that in your head, but it’s just not. It’s not it’s not at all. So weird. It’s been weird. I mean, when we put on for a little bit here, but we

definitely some things happening all over the place, man. That’s, uh, it’s been it’s been an interesting, newsworthy kind of month. Yeah.

And speaking of $1 billion buyouts, you can buy modern time stock. Yeah.

So that was interesting. Right. So they,

I was fascinated by this, by the way, you all you should know, because I kept texting you about, and you’re probably like, What the hell’s wrong?

I mean,

I love that they used ballast points. Yeah, they set their price, they set their share price on the $1 billion buyout of ballast point, right? And how they determine that. So it’s like that and been around when bows pointed at they did it smart too, right? So they basically kind of did a three point system where they basically had people bid right behind the company, what they would what they would sell it for, then they use that to basically set the real price for the brewery. And then they got bought out. And so it’s really cool that the another brewery looks them was like, well, they got bought for a billion. So that’s

the reasoning behind it. Because they I mean, they were they were trying to be transparent to a point, I think, yeah, like that a lot of question and answer stuff, but I don’t still don’t think it’s all on the up and up. But like they said, Oh, yeah, the the price the price of cake is is consistent. Okay, you’re great. you’re basing your price off ballast point. Right. And that is not a consistent price for a impending Bry to be yet to be purchased. But I was so fascinated by is because they’re an Aesop company. And if you don’t know what that is, anybody listening, it’s a it’s a basically it’s a

retirement plan based on stock. So I mean, Aesop stands for employees stop option, plan, I believe,

responsibly, that companies like stocks, what,

but it’s not publicly traded a right. It’s all it’s basically the valuation of the company translates to shares. The shares are usually distributed to the employees, it’s supposed to be a buy in life. So you create the value and you get rewarded for that value. So does that mean that it was technically employee owned then?

Because they own the stock?

Yes. Oh, well, and here, the real reason I was fascinated by is the company who managed their Aesop is same company that did our job, I work for any company, okay, I work for a company that we are now 100%. employee owned. Okay, so, um, but it was the same setup before, we had a single owner. And she owned 70%. And the company own 30%, which I think was the same situation for modern times. Okay. The management, I don’t know, if it was just the owner or the family, I think they all together own 70% or was like 50, or something like that. But my employees actually work their own 30%

of the company. So their goal is, which this was the part that threw me for a loop, their goal is to be 100%. employee owned, which means they want to buy back the the other 70% Yeah, which is crazy. But then you come to find out that the shares that actually went for sale to the public, which is that was the point they did the thing where they were offering shares that you could buy, and basically it would be

share in the employee ownership right? of modern times, which sounds really cool, like, Oh, I’m gonna have a certificate that says, I own stock and monetizable, blah, blah, but comes to find out it was point 4%. It’s always the total value. And all they were they were I think, I think with regulation stuff, they were only allowed to raise a million dollars outside of like non

unsecured, like, financing. Like, you’d have to be like a private equity firm. To break a million dollars. That’s crazy. So when you put it that, and it was, I think it was like $234 a share? Yeah, but they’re trying to sell. Yeah.

So the goal is to raise a million dollars to 32. And it was $252 a share. And I think it was capped at like 2000. Yeah.

Which is pretty crazy. Here.

That’s what I think it was. Point. Oh, 4.4% 4%

on Yeah. So that’s not a lot of percentage of company.

No, not even close. That’s, that’s pretty crazy. Cuz Yeah, they build themselves at 253 million do 64 million sorry. And then yeah, they want 1 million via we funder. But if you look at the fine print on that the 200. That’s their target,

right? So they’re not even valued at that. That’s what they said, No, that’s what their goal value is. Oh, okay. So it’s not even that. So there they they’re basically projecting their value. Right? Saying, at some point, we’re going to be worth this. But the thing with those shares is you don’t have the, I don’t believe you have the option of when you sell. Yeah, so it’s not the modern times good spike, and you could want to sell and be like, hey, I want my money back and then be like, nope,

no, he was he says, like, so it’s funny, actually. So they used constellation brands, 1 billion purchase of the larger ballast point Brewing Company into play 15

cents taken to implement changes, charges on the ballast point trademarks about $2 million. So they basically, basically they overpaid for it, and that they play so you have lost $2 million. Bounce boy. Yeah.

Which that kind of makes you question the valuation too because like the news of ballast point, closing those came out like the same week or maybe a week later.

You’re like, holy cow, you can use that if it they’ve already paid for it. So yeah.

Figure what’s, what’s mine is two breweries out of a billion. We down to like 750 million, like, what are we talking about? What’s our value? Crazy? But yeah, when you see how low the number actually is, it kind of makes you and I last I saw it was at 75% of the like the

total 1 million. Yeah, I never saw an update to see if they actually got it or not. Yeah, there’s actually a link to the we funder on here. And I can go check it out.

While I’m doing that,

but then like a lot of people point out too late took on a lot of debt right before they launched that. So

we’re a bunch of expansions pretty much. So everything else expansions, man, we’ll see if it kills them or not.

And Arizona was mentioned in there. They’ve actually met with it. Yeah, they know, they said they wanted to stick on the west, western United States. And they said, you know, like, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, California, Arizona. So

as of this point, they are maxed out. So they did hit it. Yep. At 1822. Investors.

That’s pretty crazy.

Very cool. We’ll move on a little bit here. Some time.

Um, but yeah, it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out in the long run. Because in the deep depths of it, I read like it opens. It opens a door for like backdoor private equity investment. So they could technically get financial backing and nobody would know about it. That’s weird. Yeah. So like that. Yeah, there’s weird like, you like, it allows big firms to buy into it without like, really?

Well, man, the we fund has only point four.

No, this is a separate because this is just kind of like a test. Like they could do it again. Gotcha. And they could do it for bigger amounts. But I was reading something I don’t have the financial understanding, right. But it opens like a loophole for like big, private equity firms to kind of like, hedge their bet and invest but without the tag that comes with it dodging like, oh, now we’re, we sold 25% to this person. So it’s not it’s not as on the table


transparent. It’ll be interesting to see if their expansion turns into contraction or a full stop.

We’ll see. We’ll see. So can moving around a little bit. I want to talk about our standout beer of the week.

So I really the same, I don’t know.

Sorry. What are our standouts?

There you go? What is your standout beer of the week? Mine was I went down to the divider vine because they have pretty good wine selection and 10 times. My wife doesn’t want to drink as much beer as I do. Surprised. Let Yeah, crazy. I don’t know how we’re married. But um, so I mean, it’s a great place they have I mean, they’re, they’re one of the few places where their wine selection rivals their beer select. Yeah, it was pretty crazy with a mom. My standout beer from there was from and I have to find it because I can’t I think it was called pillow passion. Passion.

Yes. It does sound familiar. It is.

demon. I thought I

will just call this out.

Thanks, ed.

That’s like on the podcast.

bingo card, right. We’ll cut this


From a pillow passion from Mason Hill works. Yes.

That beer was amazing. Which is funny is I spent so I was at arcadey premium. And I was talking to the guy that converted Joel I think his name is talking to him and he mentioned that if I had like a day trader Yeah. And I was like, nope, it was like it was good. It was really really good. I was like damn it. Yeah,

it’s a milkshake IPA build with you had it drilled with passion for

I think the hops are warrior mosaic much. Much much like

I got a lot of citrus it tasted really citrusy to me. Okay, I posted on Instagram I said it was the best version of Arizona dream cycle that I’ve ever tasted. Okay? Because you know you get like, where you go with the lactose if you’re too light that kind of gets like weird and it’s too bitter because there’s not enough sweetness to cut through the hops are but there’s too much like post then you kind of get like almost like a sour milk kind of flavor out of it because there’s just too much sugar and like that bitterness and that sweetness just kind of don’t mix up to a certain point. Okay, well like this was perfectly balanced like this was a milkshake

IPA and like like i said i got more citrus then passion fruit out of it but it was it was an amazing beer


Yeah, definitely. We’re seeing that and been like that to get any more people to buy the vine maybe because they’re going there gets more

yeah reminded me a lot of like the stuff that used to get a toolbox. No Okay. It was long that one rip

Yeah, for a little little this one my homie so sad. So my stand up beer was the strata from Vito workers and give them cancel that want to come up here. That is basically just it was sniper a New England IPA.

You know, it was a bit capital Scott, Northwest pale male, pale malt, flaked wheat and local unmelted wheat hops slowly with the amazing strata hop hence the name

didn’t know much about that. I haven’t actually hadn’t had too many beers with strat-o just by itself so I was kidding interesting to see what that was. Really good man was the tombstone to I know tombstone does some single hop stuff I

yeah, I want to say but maybe I am thinking of Pablo Vito. You know, Tucson Tucson. Same same place, right? Yeah. Isn’t this sort of tea

but yeah, I mean it was good it’s it’s it’s kind of a

they’ve done it before right.

The strada yeah they pop possibly i mean i didn’t maybe I didn’t get the first round but it was really I mean so this is super donkey very bank type of beer kind of had that again that same citrusy passion fruity kind of you know flavor to it. Really good though. I really enjoyed that I was actually out of work back so surely got some more but we can do

next time around and I saw a purple visa and say well, designs were at a like an art Yeah. And they had prints of a few of the cam labels

right so hopefully they’ll make those prints available I don’t know if there were one officer it seemed like

there was usually have that kind of that kind of stuff at their anniversary party when they do their their anniversary Stuff You Should have like that when you did they had the poster with all the reviews on it and they had the T shirts with the past with that pocket had the Was it the Andromeda I think it was the purple came with a little Yeah, that was that was a stretch too so we’ll see again he’s always killing me our work I love watching like he has got his Instagram he

recently showed his the latest one of your account labels that has kept his like a time lapse animation of how he did it which is really cool. So yeah to see you go from thought to finished product is is interesting so very cool. Not just have a like a pop up here right up just like a pop up art show down here. Up here you’re in the valley and

other stuff blow out

all those prints.


say this kind of sort of I guess the best for last or not oh this is definitely the best such as

this might be

we’re This is our ultimate goal of a

cease and desist This is the first step I think

Let me pull the the email up so first of all, I would like to say thank you for emailing us yeah, we love we get emails from people it’s actually it’s great we read them so please do please send us email you if you have thoughts or opinions of stuff

the latest email we got though was I’m guessing this girl is from the UK

which is awesome that means we have an international recognition now too

but she said isn’t basically a message letting us know that she was compelled to inform us that the abbreviation which let show which is the HTC PC which is the hoppy craftsmen podcast

is a widely used for the health and care professions Council which is basically the regulatory system for health care in the UK.

Public health care professionals So

anyway, so you know we’re not from the UK we don’t know that that’s you know, its second of all, its initials. So I don’t really know I mean, I can’t really change our initials of our show. So I don’t know I can’t we can’t really do what this lady wants to do is not use our initials so sorry we’re not going to not use our initials I think this is the WWE f Yeah, right.

Okay, just change our initials doesn’t work that way. I’m gonna get a you know, my brother’s to my wife when we got it and she’s left but the excuse me She said she was like, you know, I was I was kind of with this person and then at the end they felt the need to kind of jab so they took a shot.

Little yummy read the whole thing in Texas because like even your wife said like she had me till the last part. Yes and no. So I’ll read it. I felt compelled important for me that your abbreviation is already widely in use for the health, the health and care professionals Council, the statutory regulator of health and care professionals in the United Kingdom. This Council’s main purpose is protect the public. That is the believable part cool. Here’s versus a shot combs

totally get

it. So it is incredibly irresponsible for you to use this same abbreviation as a respected counsel for your lowbrow leisure activity.


going against the man that you run up against the council? The incredibly irresponsible part, I guess is make me laugh because I don’t think it’s that they’re responsible at all. Or they’re responsible at all but okay.

he respected council the

respected counterpart was like, Oh, wait, what? Yeah, so that’s basically saying that openly we’re not respected at all. And when we do and then the other lowbrow leisure activity is basically saying what the activity that we like to do, which is drinking beer and talking about beer is lowbrow and leisure. leisurely which Yeah, sure. Listen, like this giant leg like podcasting. You’re around the valley

that a leisurely it is when it’s 120. And you’re hauling podcast equipment through parking lots and not leisurely? Yeah.

But so yes, I’m

so we have a new tagline. Yeah,

so in proper hoppy craftsmen fashion, will be embracing that. Yeah. lowbrow, lowbrow leisure activity? And definitely be hot the hashtag and all our stuff now.

And we don’t have to worry about Brexit. So Sal longer councils together.

But yeah, sorted out your borders first and then come talk to us. Also, thank you for giving us new new ideas for merchandise and stickers and other things. So I’m well

I’m a little worried. Because I’m going to parts of the UK. And in a month or so. We’re had Yeah, you think people are gonna come ask me? Hey, excuse me You do not look like a respected council member sir.

Completely confusing. Yeah, that’s very irresponsible if you do them,

but their their their logos and lowercase or uppercase and whatever find them. Yeah.

Also our logos not actually HTC PC that’s just our initials. Our logo is a completely different logo. So last night I looked I tried before but Instagram wouldn’t let me hashtag my logo.

Did it they couldn’t do it. So weird. But yeah, so that’s always fun. So

super funny. Yeah. Now if we really want to be ballsy we go their website and steal their logo I wouldn’t change it so I will say this. It is funny to type in hashtag hc PC and then you see a bunch of like hospital workers and beer pitchers in the middle of it. Which is something without some doctors

Yeah, we’re in Dr. Magazine. So maybe we are healthcare professionals maybe

we just met back to them Yes.

Send her doctors addition to send her a copy of

will kind of Photoshop it

can we just sign the page and then send to do

yeah, the US being like well as some odd number two right? It was like 421 best doctors in Arizona some weird and cool just show our logo and the page number and be like look we’re in this where

we’re in this one who are expected All right.

Take your take your counsel the frickin Mordor and good throw a ring of fire

was it actually Emily doesn’t listen to the show now because she knows that we if she if she did she would know that we are not local. Yeah, we are all high brain megawatts of highbrow jokes.

And we just spent like 10 minutes talking about finances. Yeah,

right. So we didn’t know anything about them. But yeah, we still talked about it.

Nothing says highbrow like bullshitting your way through something you don’t know. Right?

Well, we you have now have some fodder for new stickers and new merchandise I’m sure they’ll be coming up soon.

And we actually rearrange some of the Patriot in tears. We actually had to some some more tears and give some more some different levels to what you can get would you get access to and one of those actually is a cease and desist here. Yes. I’m guessing this might go on the head. We’ll see how that goes. You never know.

Are we gonna we have to make a I don’t know if we could do a full sticker of the email but

probably not.

We’ll start a council

that being said, Who are the greatest fucking people in the world?

The radish people are they are they are council members. Could they

change it for the council

members? So then we could be the hc PCC would that get us off the hook? hoppy craftsmen

podcast council? Eileen, this lady says she says let’s open up a back and forth Yeah. Like I don’t understand your accent. Can you speak English? dialogues? Good. Yeah, so our Patreon are Zack coming is Jessica Langley or Angelina

free for ag

Ali, that I’m going to go with that. Yeah. Polly beans, probably beans. All gelato. The indie beer show, Tina Gomez. Rob Fullmer of the Arizona craft brewers Guild. Mark bellows theranos. And Anthony Brockman pay. Anthony. I’ll say this also, Zach.

Because the patron here is if you guys don’t know, like it actually says like $3 or more or $5 or more. It just gives you a base on that where you should start. You can put any kind of amount you want in there and choose your tier. Zach and Zach put a weird amount he put like $4 and 13 cents. And so like everybody’s other stuff is like you know, exactly $4 or $5. Yeah, though, is some weird amount. I will still take that money, so doesn’t make a difference. It was factor impacts. It could be me. He was like, yeah, I’m gonna buy them a beer. How much did I buy him a beer for? And then he put tax on there?

Yes. All right, thanks. Or maybe he didn’t want to contribute to our legal defense. Maybe changes for the legal defense fund

perfect. If you want to be courageous war, they’ll go to patreon.com slash hoppy craftsmen again, like I said, we we’ve revamped some of the patron tiers added some more, we actually added some exclusive one off, you only be one person of it. So see, no, your lovely life is one. Jessica is on another one. And then we have two that are in the middle of that. So if you want to be the individual tier and have your tier named after you go into one of those spots. there’s basically two open right now and when they’re gone, they’re gone. So yeah,

maybe we’ll make you a shirt that says you’re on the low brow lowbrow the hc PCC? Yeah.

Let me see. Here. The lowbrow Council. Yes. So far, the lowbrow Council.

So love it. Oh, man. If you want listen to more the podcast, there’s all our iTunes go there. Give us a listen to the old past episodes. Leave us a comment. leave us a review on there. That’s definitely how we get the word out and get ranked higher for other podcasting and or aggregators of podcasts. So, please do that. If you have some time. You want to send us an email. It’s hoppy craftsmen at gmail. com. And then our website is hoppy craftsmen dot beer. And hoppy craftsmen

on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, all things you know what go to iTunes and rate us five stars and just put a CPC t know. Yeah. Hey, CPC, or that you’re a fan of lowbrow leisure activities, right?

We’re all big fans of that.

Alright guys, thanks for listening. As always. I’m Chris. I’m Eddie. Drink local guys. Hi.

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