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Season 1,

HCPC16: More Craft Beer Buyouts and Tucson Beers

May 17, 2017

(NSFW) Long time listener, and friend of the show Jeff Breckon joins the guys to talk about AZ Wilderness of course! New breweries showing up in the valley, beers of the week, horrible parking, and they may talk a little about the recent buyout of Wicked Weed Brewing to they who shall not be named. Oh and he brought us some beer from Tucson’s Thunder Canyon Brewing! Beer mail from our friend in the Pacific Northwest. And more beer from AZ Wilderness.

Music Credit: Porno Galactic by Concrete Dinosaur


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Wicked Weed Buy Out

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Rare Barrel Response

Jester King Response

What it’s like to work for a brewery that “sold out”

Wren House Can Release Spell Binder

Buying Northwest

 Beers Drank

AZ Wilderness Chocolate Bunny Porter

 Thunder Canyon Sky Island IPA

Great Notion Brewing Blueberry Sour

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