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First Steps

Well, this is the first step. We have plans to start recording the podcast or at least doing some recordings of Google Hangouts or Facebook Live or whatever those crazy interns I work with tell me is the “cool thing” now. Figured this would help reach a bigger audience and help spread the love of craft beer.

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Per an announcement on their Facebook, Modern Times announced plans to begin distribution in Arizona. In the post they wrote,

That’s right, my friends, Arizona will now be receiving a steady supply of our majestic libations, and we couldn’t be happier to finally share some beers with our contiguous brothers and sisters. Parties to celebrate the dawn of this exciting new era will begin on 11/9, and beers should start hitting shelves & taps everywhere the following week.

This is a big win for craft beer fans in Arizona. Established in 2012, Modern Times currently supplies the San Diego beer scene with some great craft beer and coffee. In 2014 Modern Times was ranked 9th on RateBeer’s “Top Ten New Breweries in The World” list. They will be welcomed to the valley with open arms.

Nate – feedmehops@outlook.com

HEY, its your Hoppy Craftsmen, Chris Sanback and Brandon Richardson, coming to you from the land of a thousand suns Phoenix, AZ. Tonight was our first podcast which you can find the RSS feed to your right. Where we talked about the recent merger of Papago and Huss Brewing Co., tasted a couple of each of their staple brews (Orange Blossom and Koffee Kolsch). Followed by a blind taste test, a brew of the other choice, and subsequent critique of each brew. Tonight’s selections Iron Fist Brewing/Ken Schmidt Chocolate Mint Stout and Ballast Point’s Cinnamon Raisin Commodore.  Almost ironic we each choose a stout seeing as its still hot as hell out, but seeing as fall is upon us and the heavier brews are making a come back. The Chocolate Mint certainly lived up to its name with a nice chocolaty bouquet and a bold but smooth mint taste without a lingering aftertaste and the Cinnamon Raisin is the perfect desert beer to pair with your post-Thanksgiving apple pie.
A little background on your Hoppy Craftsmen:

Chris Sanback –

Many have called me a beer snob, though not as much any more. I was not always this way but after countless oz of the same swill I decided that had to be something better out there (this being the mid 2000’s), “there” was a relatively barren place. But, sought out like minded people. And slowly began turning my friends and loved ones to the craft beer ways. I’ve tried my hand at home brewing, some good, some real bad. But, the main thing is I enjoyed all of it. Since I have ran out of friends to convert, I figure why not share that love via Podcast. Hope you enjoy the show, and if not hope you enjoyed the beer.

Brandon Richardson –

I’m a born again runner with a passion for craft beer…not sure if I consider myself a runner with a craft beer problem or craft beer drinker with a running problem, but hey it works out the same. My obsession for craft beer really began about 9 years ago when I moved from Tucson to Phoenix where the craft beer scene was really beginning to rear its ugly head…in a good way. Chris actually introduced me and was my teacher of all things craft.  Papago Brewing was where I sharpen my teeth so to say and began to have a better appreciation of what good beer should really taste like.

Papago/Huss Merger articles –

Shout outs to:

Papago Brewing

Huss Brewing

Iron Fist Brewing Co

Ballast Point

Ballast Point Graphic Artist – Paul Elder

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