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The folks down at The Lost Abbey out did themselves on this one. I own far more beer totes and coolers than any one man should. I have one from any brewery that has sold them now or in the past and my collection only grows. While I may own too many, I think I have found my favorite one. This new soft-sided cooler with the Lost Abbey branding is just too badass. All of the red liners you see are interchangeable so you can customize the set up to whatever you need. fotor_148268142350885In the photos above I have mine loaded up for a day of Christmas drinking. One Pint Can, Two 32oz Cans, 1 750ml Bottle and 2 pint glasses, because you cant depend on anyone to have decent glassware these days. As you can see it has room for more. I put an ice pack in the pouch attached to the cover and went on my way. The quality of the zippers, outer fabric and inner liners is outstanding. I am giving this cooler the high honor of naming it as my new Official Beer Cooler for the Hoppy Craftsmen tastings on the podcast. I regularly have to travel with beer and I cant think of any classier way to do so. And at only $45, how can you go wrong?


Nate Libby – Hoppy Craftsmen Blog Writer – feedmehops@outlook.com


Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

That is a mantra that Three Sheets Books has taken as a core philosophy of its business. And I say that in a literal way, it is their business. Taking old, slightly used, or often discarded vessels for beer bottles, Three Sheets Books has taken something that you would find in the trash; or hopefully the recycle bin and turned it into a functional piece of art.

In a few of the bars, I began noticing that the six pack boxes the bottled beer comes in either gets thrown away (some places still don’t recycle), and I thought that it was a shame that the boxes that some designer had worked hard to create was ending up in the trash. After that, the idea kind of fell into place.


These pieces of art come in the form of journals, sketch books, and the best yet, a beer tasting journal. Looking at the Facebook page and the website of Three Sheets Books you can tell that Aaron the owner and creative mind behind this business cares a lot about his product and about craft beer as well. He points out that the paper is not just run of the mill paper, but quality paper that a true artist would appreciate.

Also, keeping with the true spirit of  “craft” beer the rest of the journal is not missing any details either.From the wonderful hand stitched binding, to the masterfully lined interior these journals do not disappoint. Even included in the inside cover is a “this belongs to” sticker where you can proudly scribble in your name. There is something to be said about writing your latest beer conquests in a journal instead of an all too common place of the pocket computer device. 13138958_452606981615098_7569897343944630474_n

If there was one flaw to be found it does not lay in the after product, but in the original packaging itself. But, time will tell how durable and long lasting these journals truly are. Yet, some might argue that for something that was given a second chance, it has already lived up to its potential and then some.

This is something that is perfect for the craft beer lover in your life. Even if that person is you. Do yourself a favor pickup this amazing piece of art work from his Etsy store. Take it with you to your local watering hole and who knows you may just spark up some interesting conversations and make a new friend in the process. And in a day and age of computers and digital everything. It is nice to have something real to carry with you.

Quick Details

price – $15 -$30; more for custom work

availability – now

pros – hand made, quality product, upcycled, custom creations

cons – durability ?

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