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Many have called me a beer snob, though not as much anymore. I was not always this way but after countless oz of the same swill I decided that had to be something better out there (this being the mid 2000’s), “there” was a relatively barren place. But, I sought out like-minded people. And slowly began turning my friends and loved ones to the craft beer ways. I’ve tried my hand at home brewing, some good, some real bad. But, the main thing is I enjoyed all of it. Since I have ran out of friends to convert, I figure why not share that love via Podcast. Hope you enjoy the show, and if not hope you enjoyed the beer.

Hoppy Craftsmen Craft Beer Podcast Chris

Chris Sanback

Co-Host / Designer / Mumbler

I Like IPA’s and that is all for now.

Hoppy Craftsmen Craft Beer Podcast Nate

Nate Libby

Co-Host / The Face

He is a blogger I am sure he has a lot to say.


Eddie Gomez


I’ve had a passion for all things beer related for as long as I can remember.  My love for craft beer and higher end drinks culminated in the mid-90’s, when I began to learn as much as I could about beer history and home brewing.  Home brewing was the final straw into my beer snobbery, by understanding all the different components and styles and adjuncts I wanted to apply this knowledge and try as many great beers as I could.  Then I met Chris, we definitely had a love for craft beer in common, we would go to beer fests, do bottle shares, brew beer, and generally just talk about beer while we coveted other beers, while drinking beer.  Today, we call this a podcast, before, we simply referred to it as “Saturday.”


Jeff Breckon

Co-Host / Word Smith / Hype Man

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